How to avoid bathroom arguments

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It can be really annoying when one person cleans the bathroom and the other doesn’t – or even when one person has a higher standard of cleanliness than another (and in our recent survey of 2,326 consumers, almost half stated that no-one else cleans the bathroom to their standards). Here are some tips to help prevent the bathroom becoming a battleground.

  1. Divvy up the cleaning responsibilities – it makes it much easier to turn cleaning the bathroom into a team effort if both of you have a clear idea of who is responsible for what. Volunteer to take care of the parts you pay more attention to; for example, if you’re a stickler for a clean bench/basin, nominate to take care of those parts. A definitive agreement gives you a clearer idea of your responsibilities, and will make it (theoretically) easier to keep your bathroom clean.
  2. Pay for a regular cleaner – if you and your roommate have the money, paying to have a cleaner take care of your bathroom on a regular basis can solve your problems completely. However cleaners can be quite costly, so it’s not a recommended option; unless it perhaps becomes a choice of paying for a cleaner or going your separate ways…
  3. Don’t let it get dirty in the first place – rather than having to fight over a massive clean-up every few weeks, it’s infinitely easier and less stressful to just clean up as you go along. Put things away after using them, keep surfaces clear, and clean up messes as soon as you make them. It seems overly simplistic, but keeping your bathroom clean shouldn’t be a complex affair, and constant maintenance of your bathroom will stop it from becoming one.
  4. Share the nasty jobs – if it’s the same person always cleaning the toilet, it’s likely that tempers will flare after a while. Make a point of sharing these types of chores, so that the peace is kept.
  5. Be polite and respectful about the matter – you’ll earn no favours by being antagonistic about a dirty bathroom. Have a calm discussion with your roommate about any issues, and be willing to compromise. Your roommate’s willingness to help depends on your attitude towards them and the way you treat them.

You might not be the best at keeping your bathroom clean – in our survey, almost one-third of Gens Y and X admitted to often arguing with their partner/family over the cleanliness of the bathroom – but a clean bathroom and a happy roommate are never too far away. Some of these tips could help you get there.

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