Home renovation shows turn Aussies to DIY

Home renovation TV shows like The Block and House Rules are motivating Aussies to get off their couches and spruce up their own homes, a new Canstar Blue survey has found.

Of 1,228 adults, who have recently undertaken their own DIY decorating projects, four out of ten (41%) cited home renovation shows as their inspiration. And for younger Australians, these TV shows are an even greater influence, with 60% of 18-29 year-olds picking up their paint brushes after tuning in.

Women (49%) are also more likely than men (32%) to be motivated by their favourite home reno shows.

“Turn on your TV in the evening and you’re likely to see a show about improving your home, so it makes sense that people will be inspired to get busy,” said Head of Canstar Blue, Megan Doyle. “Anything that gets people up and away from their armchairs must be a good thing. Not only is it good to keep active, but it could also add value to your home.”

The survey, of adults who have purchased and used house paint in the last three years, found that the older Aussies get, the less likely they are to be inspired by home renovation shows. It also revealed that Victorians (46%) are the most likely to declare TV shows as their DIY inspiration, while Queenslanders (33%) are the least likely.

Painting mishaps and arguments

Whatever encourages people to dig out their paint brushes, the survey found it can lead to arguments in some households. Across the country, 28% of respondents said they have argued with family over which colour to paint a room, and 26% have painted a room a colour they later regretted.

Nowhere are disagreements more common than Western Australia, where 30% have argued over colours and 40% have regretted a colour decision. Queenslanders (22%) are least likely to fight over colours, while South Australians (18%) are the least likely to have regrets.

When a painting project doesn’t turn out as planned, many people point the finger of blame elsewhere, with 41% of respondents claiming they have picked a colour based on a colour swatch – only for it to look different on their wall.

House paint satisfaction

Survey respondents were asked to rate the brand of house paint they most recently bought across a number of factors, including durability, ease of application and quality of finish. Seven different brands featured in the results, but only Solver Paints, an Australian brand, achieved a five-star rating for overall customer satisfaction.

“Trying to navigate your way around the paint aisle in your local hardware store can be tough, so these ratings offer a helpful guide because they reflect the honest opinions of consumers who have already purchased and used these brands,” said Mrs Doyle.

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