Is cleaning the bathroom a woman’s job?


You missed a spot...Women have long fought for equality in the workplace, even though there aren’t many jobs – if any – now considered male or female only. But when it comes to cleaning the home at least, old habits seem to die hard. A recent Canstar Blue survey has found that cleaning the bathroom is still very much a woman’s job, and is also the cause of many an argument in Australian households.

In a survey of around 2,500 adults, a whopping 85% of women said they clean the bathroom, compared to 54% of men who claimed to do so. Just 6% of women said their partner takes care of the cleaning, while 37% of men told us they were happy to leave the work to their other half.

But one thing both men and women did agree on is that they regularly fight over who gets their hands dirty in the bathroom, with 15% of men and 16% of women admitting to friction over the cleaning rights.

Meanwhile one in four said they frequently argue over the cleanliness of the bathroom. And the younger you are, the more likely you are to fight about such things, we found.

Some men deliberately botching the cleaning to avoid it in the future

If you often get shirty with your partner for not pulling their weight with the cleaning, you’re certainly not alone. And if you’ve ever suspected they deliberately do a bad job to get out of doing it, you might be on to something.

A new study from the UK showed that 30% of men admitted to doing a bad job of the cleaning in the hope their partner gives up asking them for help and just do it themselves.

In this UK survey of 2,000 adults who live with a partner, men admitted to just squirting a bit of bleach down the toilet instead of cleaning it properly, leaving smears on glass windows and mirrors, and dusting around objects instead of moving them.

Cleaning the bath and shower, washing up and hanging clothes out to dry were other chores men were likely to botch to try and avoid doing them again.

It’s no wonder then that two-thirds of female respondents to this UK survey said they don’t trust their partner to do the cleaning jobs properly, while 60% admitted they would rather their partner just left the work up to them.

If you’d like to encourage your partner to get their hands dirty more often, the following shows how often our survey respondents clean their bathrooms.

  • Daily: 12%
  • Weekly: 61%
  • Fortnightly: 18%
  • Monthly: 6%
  • Every few months: 2%
  • I can’t remember the last time it was cleaned: 1%

So, is cleaning the bathroom a woman’s job? In this, we can be quite clear: everyone should do their part – no matter what their gender is. And if you’re looking for some tips on what bathroom cleaner to buy, see our customer satisfaction ratings for home cleaning products.

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