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Cleaning Your KitchenOften considered the heart of the home it’s unsurprising that 73% of respondents to a recent Canstar Blue survey wash all their dirty dishes every night, taking pride in leaving their kitchen tidy. This can often mean more than a quick wipe over of the bench and wash of a few plates – the kitchen is a minefield of spills, spits and splatters which also makes it a breeding ground for some of the most dangerous bacteria in the home. So here’s a list of tips and tricks to keep your kitchen sparkling and most importantly free of some of those nasty bugs.

Kitchen sponge

One of the most heavily used items in the kitchen; sponges can be one of the biggest sources of germs in the entire house. What’s the best way to keep them germ free? Pop a wet sponge into the microwave for two minutes. This will kill off germs that house themselves inside the crevices of your sponge. It is also recommended to replace your sponge every week.


Leftovers are great, until they bubble and spill over in your microwave. It doesn’t take long for these splatters to cement themselves onto your microwave’s walls. How do you easily remove this grime? Place a microwave safe bowl filled with water and the juice of a lemon in the microwave on high for two minutes. Leave the bowl in the microwave for a further ten minutes, then remove and wipe down your microwave with a damp cloth. The baked on grease and grime should wipe off effortlessly.


A delicious meal can easily be tarnished by having to soak and scrub a saucepan for several days after. To easily avoid such problems place the pan back on the heat, add 1 cup of vinegar and bring it to the boil. Take the pan off the heat and add two tablespoons of baking soda and allow to fizz. Discard the contents and clean the pan with a scourer as normal- very little elbow grease required!

Vegetable graters

A grate invention, the vegetable grater makes hiding vegies from kids a breeze and salad sandwiches easier to eat. However, cleaning them isn’t always simple. Keep a pastry brush specifically for cleaning with the rest of your cleaning kit and simply brush away those extra pieces of carrot or cucumber before washing as normal with the rest of your dishes.

Tea pot

Here’s a technique used by grandmothers everywhere to ensure their teapots are ready for whoever stops by for a cuppa. Place a denture cleaning tablet in your stained tea pot and fill with warm water. Allow the tea pot to sit for 10 to 15 minutes and wipe out – your teapot will be fit to serve tea to the Queen.

Coffee and tea cups

Like tea pots, coffee and tea cups can easily become stained. Sprinkle a little baking soda into the bottom of the cup, add some water and use your finger to rub the mixture around– this should do the trick.


Unfortunately, there’s no single tip or trick to totally clean your fridge, but there are some simple things you can do to keep on top of it:

  • Wipe over all surfaces in your fridge before you do your weekly shop.
  • Line your vegetable crispers with paper towel to absorb any excess moisture created by your fruit and vegetables.
  • Do a weekly disposal of any uneaten leftovers.
  • Place a small, open container filled with vanilla essence in the bottom of the fridge to get rid of any smells that linger.

What’s your best kitchen cleaning tip?

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