Why you need to clean out your gutters

Your gutters are probably your lowest priority when you’re considering the care of your house, but they’re incredibly important for maintaining the foundations, and health of your home and family. After you check out these reasons why gutter care matters, you’ll be up a ladder next weekend ensuring your gutters are good as new.

Blocked gutters can lead to ceiling collapse

Gutters are designed to keep water out of your home, but when they’re blocked and clogged, they’re unable to serve their basic purpose. Once the water is no longer contained to the gutters, it can overflow and seep into your roof, attic and even leak down the walls inside your home.

Leaks in your ceiling can create structural damage inside your home, even leading to the devastating and dangerous collapse of your ceiling. Imagine how terrified you would be to get home from work and see your ceiling caved in, or even worse, to be home when it happened. Regular clearing of gutters is an easy way to maintain the integrity of your ceiling.

Gutters full of leaves can lead to foundation damage of your home

Leaves in Gutter

The sound of rain on your roof can be calming at night, but not when your gutters aren’t functioning. When gutters are clogged and water overflows, small waterfalls can appear, flooding from your rooftop to your garden, forming puddles and damp patches around your home.

These dense, water clogged sections of your garden look fairly benign in appearance, but it’s what can happen underneath the surface that matters. If the garden surrounding your house has constant sections of damp, over-soaked earth, the sodden ground can lead to damage and decay of the foundations of the property. Foundation repairs can be hugely expensive.

Insects, pests and bad smells love clogged gutters

Moist, leaf-filled gutters full of small pools of stagnant water are the perfect breeding grounds for flies, mosquitos and other nasty insects. These insects then float down and pester you while you’re out in your garden trying to enjoy a relaxing afternoon BBQ. They can even infiltrate minuscule openings in your walls and ceilings to make their way into your home, and even your bedroom!

Even worse, rodents can take shelter in your gutters, creating unsanitary areas around the roof, and even your kitchen, which is potentially dangerous for you and your family’s health.

Rodents and insect nests can generate awful odours, but so do pools of stagnant water. When your gutters are full of leaves and debris, small damns are created, preventing water from draining away. The gathered water sits without movement, and congeals, becoming mouldy and generating horrible smells that you can’t escape when in your home.

A simple solution to fix the foul smell generated by gutters is regular clearing and maintenance to ensure your gutters are able to drain efficiently.

Mould can cause serious health problems for your family

You know excess moisture creates the perfect environment for mould to flourish, and leaky gutters are often the cause. When gutters are leaky or too full, water can trickle down the walls into your home, creating damp patches on your walls and ceilings. Out of reach, out of sight and out of mind, these patches of damp plaster sit and breed mould that starts off barely visible, then slowly turns black, green or brown until an entire colony of mould has grown in your home.

Not only is mould incredibly unsightly, it’s also dangerous for your family, as the spores can infiltrate the respiratory system causing irritation and inflammation. Prolonged exposure to mould is also linked to allergic responses, and even auto immune issues due to the constant irritation of the immune system.

Whether your home has leaky and poorly created gutters, or you just can’t remember the last time your gutters were cleared, gutter care is a fundamental aspect of home maintenance for both your house and your family.

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