Dishwashing liquid: What we use it for

Cleaning washing machineDishwashing liquid may seem to be a product designed for one purpose, and one purpose only – but according to Canstar Blue’s latest research, Aussies have been using their household products for a whole range of not-doing-the-dishes reasons.

Around 50% of our 2,309 survey respondents said that they use their dishwashing liquid for cleaning other things apart from dishes. So what sort of things?

Well, of the 1,180 respondents who multitask with their dishwashing liquid, 27% use it to clean the floor and 25% use it to clean their car. (Car? Is that really a good idea?? According to CarsGuide it shouldn’t do any damage…).

Perhaps not surprisingly the most popular non-dishes use for dishwashing liquid was to clean the kitchen benches and appliances, with 60% of multitasking respondents doing that. Cleaning the bathroom and handwashing clothes (22% and 11% of respondents respectively) were also popular, as well as the one in five who use dishwashing liquid to clean their jewellery. In a sign that some are still children at heart, the same proportion use dishwashing liquid for that most fun of activities – blowing bubbles!

Soberingly though, 141 of our respondents admitted that they had ruined an appliance using dishwashing liquid – it’s certainly not appropriate for universal application. Of those respondents, 45% of them had ruined their clothes washing machine and 43% their dishwasher, and for some reason 12% decided to use detergent in their pool filter. In cases like these, it’s always best to use the cleaner that the manufacturer recommends, no matter how shiny that detergent makes your dishes look!

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