Laundry powder users want a truly amazing clean

Laundry powder users want a truly amazing cleanStudies by Canstar Blue show that users of laundry powder value a really good clean more than any other factor when choosing which product to use.

Users of ALDI laundry powders said they were highly satisfied with the quality of clean they got and gave ALDI Almat a 5-star rating. Australians voted for ALDI Almat as their favourite laundry powder overall and best value for money.

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But Radiant laundry powder users don’t need to be disappointed, as Radiant users were also highly satisfied with their quality of clean and gave their powder’s cleaning power a 5-star rating.

By comparison, users of liquid laundry detergent said they value how the clothes feel and smell the most highly when choosing a product.

Research shows that laundry powder may even be better than liquid and gel detergents at cleaning your clothes. Laundry powder especially performs better than liquid and gel when it comes to stain removal and removing ground-in dirt. However, liquid is sometimes more effective at removing oily dirt.

But could you be using too much powder? 27% of our survey respondents say they probably use more laundry detergent than they need to, and that they usually don’t measure the amount of detergent they pour into the machine, preferring to “wing it”.

Using too much powder can leave residue behind on your clothes and cause excessive foaming in the washing machine. So you’ll probably notice if you’ve used too much.

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