Queenslanders a grass cut above the rest

Queenslanders take more pride in their gardens than people in any other state.

Canstar Blue quizzed more than 600 Aussies – who have bought a new lawn mower in the last two years – about their gardening habits and found that Queenslanders were the most likely to always find time to mow their lawn and the least likely to let it grow out of control.

Respondents in the Sunshine State were also found to be the biggest spenders when it comes to buying lawn mowers, spending over $160 above the national average.

“The sound of lawn mowers provides a regular soundtrack to weekends in Queensland and our findings show gardens in the state certainly seem to be the most loved,” said Head of Canstar Blue, Megan Doyle.

“Queenslanders know better than most the cost of neglecting their gardens, so they’re prepared to make the time to maintain them. And that means buying top of the line lawn mowers to help them.”

Just 19% of Queenslanders said their lawn often becomes overgrown to the point that it’s hard to mow. That compares to a national average of 30%, with those in Victoria and South Australia (35%) the worst offenders.

And just 29% of Queenslanders said they struggle to find the time to regularly mow their lawn. This compares to a national average of 43%, with those in Victoria (50%) and Western Australia (51%) the most time poor.

Queenslanders were also found to be Australia’s biggest spenders on new lawn mowers. The survey found they spent an average of $695 the last time they bought a lawn mower, compared to a national average of $531. Respondents in South Australia ($398) reported the lowest spend.

But do Aussies actually enjoy mowing the lawn? Nationally 56% said they do, but in Queensland that rose to 59%. In this instance, however, Queenslanders have competition from South Australians (60%) who, despite their above-average tendency to neglect their gardens, actually enjoy getting green-fingered the most.

Survey respondents across the country were also asked to rate the lawn mower they bought across a range of criteria, including grass-cutting ability, level of performance, and whether or not it represented good value for money. Honda was the standout brand, securing five-star ratings in almost every category, including overall customer satisfaction.

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