What are the dirtiest places in your home?

Who hasn’t picked up a piece of dropped food off the floor, given it a quick blow and eaten it without giving it a second thought? The real question is: where do you draw the line with the ‘three second rule’?

bathroomWell, it seems that for many Australians, there simply isn’t a line.

Incredibly, a quarter of respondents to Canstar Blue’s survey on bathroom cleaning products said their bathroom floor was so clean they could actually eat from it. That’s right, a quarter of the 1,900 people we surveyed would have no problem eating from the floor of the room in which they… well, you know!

It’s probably worth saying that the men we questioned (29%) are more likely than women (19%) to settle down for dinner beside their toilet, while those in Tasmania (38%) are the least concerned of all Aussies about the potential bacterial nasties lurking on their bathroom floor.

But while the frank admission of our survey respondents might appear quite shocking, the reality is there are far worse places than your bathroom floor to eat from.

Although opinions on the most ‘germiest’ places in the home are quite varied, the general consensus amongst those in the know is that most are areas that you just wouldn’t ordinarily think of cleaning – at least not very often anyway. Here are our top five dirty secrets.

TV remote: It makes sense when you think about it. You probably touch your remote more than most things in your home, but have you ever thought of cleaning it?

Toothbrush and toothbrush holder: Think about how long you spend cleaning your teeth and then think about how long you spend cleaning the thing you’re actually putting in your mouth. Brushing your teeth transfers plaque and bacteria onto your toothbrush, and leaves it there. So you might want to consider giving it more than just a token rinse every now and again, and the same goes for whatever you hold your toothbrush in.

Doorknobs and light switches: Unless you live alone, when you touch a doorknob or light switch you are effectively shaking hands with everyone who touched it before you – and who knows what they had just been doing?

Pet food dish: You might not eat from it, but you will no doubt touch it every day, and this thing is likely to be dripping with bacteria. Who really thinks of giving their dog’s dish a thorough clean more than every month or so?

Kitchen sponge: Isn’t it ironic that the thing you actually use to clean is probably one of the most disgusting items in your home? When you wipe down a dish or counter, you’re simply transferring bacteria from one place to another – it doesn’t just magically disappear. You really can’t replace your kitchen sponge often enough!

As well as telling us they are happy to eat from their bathroom floor, half of our survey respondents told us ‘no one else cleans the bathroom to my standards’ and ‘I feel visitors to my house judge me on the cleanliness of my bathroom more than any other area in my house’.

That may well be true. But unless you have a really big bathroom, the next time you have guests over, you might just want to eat dinner in a more conventional area of your home.

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