Top five house painting tips

Top five house painting tipsSometimes, a coat of paint is all that’s required to give a room new life. To some, it may be a daunting task, but don’t worry – you can do it!

Here are five simple tips for house painting success.

Painting tip 1: Buy decent quality paint

The basic rule for buying paint is that you get what you paid for, so choose good paint if you want a final product that will stand strong for many years. If you’re confused about paint colours and types, head down to your local paint store and ask for advice.

Painting tip 2: Prepare Your Surface

Ask yourself what kind of condition your painting surface is in. If the current paint is cracking or peeling or the surface is uneven, you may need to sand it down and remove any foreign artefacts. If there are holes or gaps, plug them up with sealant. After this you should wash painting surfaces with sugar soap and mould killer.

Painting tip 3: Different strokes

Brush vertically in strips, and then once you’re out of paint, go over the area you painted horizontally for better coverage, before going back to vertical upstrokes for finishing touches. Repeat this process over and over.

Painting tip 4: Where to start, and where to finish

For best results, start with the ceiling, and then go from the top to the bottom of your painting surface. After this, paint trim and doors.

Painting tip 5: Disposal and storage

Paint can keep for up to ten years, so don’t throw it away in case you need to reapply in a year or two. Also, clean up your gear immediately. If you don’t, the paint on your brushes will dry and you’ll find it impossible to clean later on.

And most importantly, never dispose of paint down a drain.

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