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Posted by Canstar Blue February 10th 2015

Vodafone $5 Day Roaming Plan

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Vodafone Roaming PlanHave you ever been traveling and found that your cellular data wasn’t switched off…and consequently your phone bill when you got home was catastrophic! Well, Vodafone’s roaming plan works brilliantly for all travelers in need. The Vodafone $5 Day Roaming Plan has received our prestigious Innovation Excellence Award for its creative role as a telecommunications service.

On this plan, you can use your included minutes, text and data when you travel to the US, UK, NZ, Brazil and selected destinations in Europe and Asia for $5 extra per day! The good news is, if you joined Vodafone on an eligible plan from the 23rd of April 2014, this offer will be active by default. Otherwise it will be necessary to opt in.

This plan is so simple. None of the usual global roaming rates are likely to catch you unawares! Essentially, Vodafone will only charge you a $5 fee on the days you make or receive a call, send a text, picture, or use data in an included country. A day is calculated as a 24 hour period from the time you first use your phone. Once you’ve paid the $5 daily fee, you’ll be able to use your plan’s included value like if you were in Australia. Receiving a text is free and won’t trigger the daily $5 fee.

What we like about this product especially is the ease of signup. Essentially, most Vodafone customers already have access to this great plan, meaning minimal disruption to their lives during the planning stage of their holiday. We congratulate Vodafone’s for its part in putting customers first.

Canstar Blue Innovation Excellence Award, 2015: 5 stars

Common questions about Vodafone’s $5 Roaming Plan

Innovation Excellence, Telecommunications - 2015With $5 Roaming, how much will it cost to make a call within the country I’m in and back to Australia?

If you are on a Red plan, you can use your infinite standard national minutes to call standard numbers within the country you are in. On other eligible plans, calls to standard numbers within the country you’re in come out of your plan’s included value at the same rate as if you were calling a standard number within Australia.

I’m not on Red plan but my plan includes infinite calls to other Vodafone Australia mobiles. Are these still infinite on $5 Roaming?

No, they’ll come out of your plan’s included value at the same rate as if you were calling a standard mobile number within Australia.

With $5 Roaming, how much will it cost to make a standard call to another country besides the country I’m in or Australia?

International calling rates will be charged and deducted from your plan’s included value or included international minutes, as if you were making that call from Australia.

How long can I use $5 roaming?

There is a 90 day usage limit, per calendar year.

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