2016 Appliance | Innovation Excellence Awards

We’re excited to share with you our Innovation Excellence Awards for 2016, for Appliances. These products really have the WOW factor, and are more than worthy of our awards. Click on the links below to learn more about each award winner.

Coopers BrewArt BeerDroid – Innovation Award Winner

Posted by June 21st 2017

If you’ve been to a bar or sporting event recently, you’ll know that paying $8 for a mid-strength beer can get old quickly. As alcohol prices tend to go up and up – even in bottle shops – it can be tempting to look at...

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer – Innovation Award Winner

Posted by September 1st 2016

Most households will have some form of hair dryer shoved away in the far reaches of the bathroom cupboard, only brought out for special occasions. For many of us, however, busting out the big, noisy hair dryer to get ready for work is a daily...

Integrated burners by PITT Cooking – Innovation Award Winner

Posted by September 1st 2016

A stovetop is a staple of any kitchen, yet the debate continues about what’s better – electric or gas? Sure, gas burners have their advantages, but traditional models are notoriously unattractive and difficult to clean, making them a less appealing option for many households. With...

AddWash by Samsung – Innovation Award Winner

Posted by February 1st 2021

Washing machines fulfil an essential purpose in every home, and the basic principle of cleaning your clothes hasn’t changed much over time. However, what the big manufacturers have done is constantly refine and enhance the process – resulting in improved performance, greater efficiency and better...