Modem in the home

What is the best NBN modem?

Posted by May 12th 2022

For many of us, choosing the best NBN modem might be too complicated to think about, and that’s why NBN providers typically offer one or two modems for customers to add on to their NBN …

4G vs 5G Australia

5G vs 4G: What’s the difference?

Posted by June 22nd 2022

If you're happy using 5G networks, you may be wondering just how 4G is different. Fortunately, we've answered some of your most-asked questions about 5G and 4G, covering everything from speeds, to prices, to network …

Young man taking selfie and flashing peace sign

Save hundreds on Apple and Google phones in Telstra Day sale

Posted by June 15th 2022

Telstra's monthly one-day-only sale is back — cutting the price of big-name smartphones by up to $250, and offering discounts on new home internet and SIM-only mobile plans. Locked in for Thursday, May 5, Telstra …

Pocket wifi plans and prices

Best WiFi Dongle and Pocket WiFi Plans in Australia

Posted by June 9th 2022

WiFi dongles – or USB modems – and pocket WiFi are becoming increasingly popular due to the drop in price of mobile broadband. Usually, you need a mobile broadband plan to make use of either …

Google Pixel 6 Pro on pink/purple background

Save hundreds on phones and NBN with Telstra Day sale

Posted by June 22nd 2022

Telstra has brought back its 24-hour flash sale for April, and this time around there's some serious savings — not only on brand new phones, but also on selected home internet plans. This month's Telstra …

Family using data

How much data do I need?

Posted by March 31st 2022

These days, the proliferation of cheap unlimited data internet plans means more and more households are hopping on the limitless bandwagon. But do you really need unlimited internet data? Depending on the plan and provider …