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Review of Boom Broadband plans

Boom Broadband is an Australian internet service provider that claims to focus on great customer service. It utilises AAPT’s nationwide internet network to provide services to homes around the country, and a range of different NBN connections are supported, including fibre, fixed wireless and standalone phone services, as well as traditional ADSL. Boom Broadband’s NBN plans are also on a variety of speed tiers. But how do they stack up? Canstar Blue has reviewed all of Boom Broadband’s NBN plans, so you can determine which one best suits your needs.

Boom Broadband Internet Plans

Connection Data Included and Features Price Per Month From
NBN FTTN and Fixed Wireless 50GB $45*
Unlimited $65*
ADSL Unlimited $44.95^
Unlimited with line rental $74.95^

Source: Boom Website

*Price dependent on NBN speed tier

^ADSL only available in Qld, NSW and Vic

As you can see, Boom’s broadband plans are deadly simple, as you pretty much get two choices with each type of connection. Beyond that, only downloads are counted towards your data limit, so if you’re uploading videos to YouTube or attachments through email, you won’t see your data count decrease. There are no excess data charges – instead your speed is just heavily throttled.

Customers are also able to manage their preferences through the customer portal, as well as monitor data usage, which is incredibly useful to see if you’re getting the most out of your plan. Most plans seem to require that you bring your own compatible modem, or Boom can supply one for “a small cost”.

Boom NBN Plans

Beyond the prices listed above, you also have your choice of speed tier, and you’re not charged extra if you’re relegated to a fixed wireless connection.

  • Speed upgrades are available for an extra $20 a month with each jump you make.
  • This means that you can expect to pay a total of $95 a month for unlimited data on Tier 3 – 50/20.
  • Currently no Tier 4 – 100/40 – plans are available

As for calling, packs are available from an extra $10 a month using a VoIP phone service, though if you just want broadband, you won’t be forced into a home phone plan.

  • $10 a month gets you 20c untimed landline calls, 15c/min mobiles, 13/1300 numbers 28c untimed, international rates from 1c a minute
  • $15 a month gets you unlimited landline calls plus all the goodies of the $10 plan
  • $25 a month gets you unlimited everything, with 28c calls to 13/1300 numbers and international rates from 1c/minute

NBN connections are also available with a ‘Uni-V’ NBN phone, which enables you to use your current home phone and simply ‘plug and play’. The Uni-V call packs are as follows:

  • $40 a month: 20c untimed landline calls, 15c/minute to mobiles, 13/1300 numbers 28c untimed, international calls from 1c/minute – Canada is 1c a minute for example
  • $45 a month: Unlimited landline calls, 15c/minute to mobiles, 13/1300 numbers 28c untimed, international rates from 1c a minute
  • $55 a month: Unlimited landline and mobile calls, international rates from 1c/minute, 13/1300 numbers 28c untimed

As for contracts, 24 month ones come with free set-up costs, while for a 12 month one you’ll be paying $50, and no contract (i.e. month to month) you’ll be paying $100. Evidently the starting price of Boom’s plans are pretty low, but quickly add up once you factor in home phones, set-up costs and any extra costs like modem fees and the likes.

Boom ADSL Plans

Boom’s ADSL plans are also deadly simple to follow, as you get two choices, each with unlimited data. While one is $44.95 a month, you do have to source your own active phone line from somewhere. If you’re already in an established home with a phone line and just switching providers, this can be a great option. However, if you’re moving in or out and need a new connection, Boom has one available for an extra $30 a month.

As stated earlier these plans are only available in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, so to all those states not on the eastern seaboard – bad luck. However, with Boom you can keep your current phone number if simply switching providers. Costs for establishing a phone line connection can also add up quickly:

  • $65 for a standard activation
  • $145 for a tech visit
  • $330 for a new line installation (new properties and the like)

24-month plans don’t have a set-up fee, but a 12-month contract incurs a $35 fee, while the month to month option incurs a $60 fee. Once again a Boom-supplied modem is available for “a small cost”, and you are encouraged to bring your own.

How does Boom Broadband compare to other providers?

Boom Broadband faces stiff competition across the board and its slew of extra costs can add up quickly. Boom offers one of the cheapest entry-level NBN plans on the market, but apart from that, let’s see if Boom provides ‘bang for buck’.

Boom NBN Plans Compared

  • Unlimited Tier 1 from $65 a month
  • Tier 2 and 3 for $75 and $95 respectively

Boom NBN at the base level compares pretty well against the competition, however it is by no means the cheapest as certain providers offer unlimited data for around $10 a month less. Keep an eye out for providers like SpinTel, Exetel, AusBBS and Inspired Broadband. At this price range keep an eye on set-up fees that can prove to be quite costly.

On Tier 2 speeds, Boom faces much the same fate. Under $70 for unlimited data seems to be about the benchmark, and unfortunately Boom with its $75 plan falls a bit behind the budget-oriented pack. However it’s by no means ‘bad’ value, just this segment of the market is ridiculously competitive. It’s worth looking into providers like Motion NBN and Tangerine Telecom, as well as Inspired and AusBBS again. All providers offer something for under $70 a month, with varying set-up fees and other costs.

The final and fastest speed tier on Boom Broadband – Tier 3 – again features much the same story as its slower-tiered brothers and sisters. Overall you can expect unlimited data at the budget end for $90 or under a month, and Boom is slightly above this threshold at $95. Once again, Boom is by no means ‘bad’ value but in this fast-paced telco sector, companies are always jostling and consistently one-upping each other. Look out for familiar providers such as AusBBS, Motion NBN and Tangerine, as well as Teleron. Once again keep an eye out for lengthy contracts and prohibitive set-up fees, of which AusBBS and Tangerine charge nothing for the privilege.

Boom ADSL Plans Compared

  • Unlimited without line rental for $44.95 a month
  • Line rental is an extra $30

The major bonus with Boom’s ADSL plans is that there are two to choose from – one with line rental, and one without, enabling you to source your phone line from elsewhere. If you do choose the one with line rental you’ll be charged a $30 premium. However for $44.95 a month for no line rental, it’s hard to go past Boom. However there are a number of other providers slightly edging Boom in the price stakes. Keep an eye out for Dodo and Barefoot Telecom, while usual suspects Inspired and AusBBS also come to the game once again. None of these telcos include home phone line rental, and you’ll have to sniff out if what they’re offering is any good value. If you’ve already got an active phone line then it could be in your best interests to hang on to it, as changing can be costly.

Is Boom worth the hype?

Boom Broadband benefits most from its incredibly simple broadband internet plans, but simplicity doesn’t always equate to cheapest or the best value. You will find that across all of Boom’s plans there are providers offering the same or more for cheaper, and while it’s nothing major, the $10-odd monthly cost difference can add up in the long run. While this is true for most other providers, line rental and setup costs can sully a plan’s value and make moving house or changing providers quite a costly process.

Boom is no better or worse in this regard. Whilst its bundled plans can’t quite cut it against the competition, this provider could still be a worthy choice for your internet subscription, but know that there are a few other providers in the market also worth a look into.

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