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Review of Dendy Direct streaming

Chances are you have probably visited a Dendy cinema at least once in your life for an indie flick. Dendy has taken what people love about its cinemas and put it online, with a new on-demand streaming service for both blockbuster and indie films, labelled Dendy Direct. Watch as you like, with no ongoing monthly subscription fee and simply pay for what you use. See what’s good, and not so good about Dendy Direct with Canstar Blue’s review.

What is Dendy Direct?

Dendy has been around since 1940, and it has now presented a streaming service fresh for the modern era, labelled Dendy Direct. Dendy Direct focuses on “handpicked, quality content”, with a wide variety of ways to access it. With Direct you can buy and rent movies or TV shows on an ad-hoc basis, with no recurring subscription charge. Buying a film obviously means it’s yours to keep, while renting means you only have a few days before it disappears. With TV shows, you can buy or rent whole series, or just individual episodes.

How much does Dendy Direct cost?

With Dendy Direct there is no ongoing monthly fee – you simply pay by the movie, or by the show. New movies are available to rent from $4.89, or buy for about $22 – similar pricing to the old video hire days, but a digital copy. Older movies are available to rent from just 99c, while individual episodes of new shows also start at 99c. Purchasing naturally attracts a higher fee, but ask yourself; do you really need to keep it once you’ve seen it? While there are no ongoing fees, the costs can quickly start to add up, especially if you’re buying new films. However, with the cost of movie tickets these days, it’s still a cheaper option. Sit in with your own popcorn, spend less, and avoid people kicking your seat or people next to you texting throughout the entire movie.

What’s available on Dendy Direct?

Dendy Direct, as an on-demand rental or purchase library, shines in its ability to offer new films that are either still in cinema, or just out of it. Such recent films to come out are:

  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Logan
  • T2 Trainspotting
  • Hidden Figures
  • Kong: Skull Island

Apart from that, a number of TV shows are also able to be purchased – either rented, bought by the episode or the whole series. Episodes start at 99c each:

  • American Gods
  • Fargo
  • SS-GB
  • The Missing
  • The Walking Dead

While costs may start to add up, the fact is it’s probably cheaper than a Blu-Ray DVD, or going to the movies – and you don’t even need to leave the house.

How can I watch Dendy Direct?

Dendy claims its Direct service is “available to use wherever you are”. What this means is that you can stream Dendy Direct on your PC or Mac, as well as a tablet or iOS or Android smartphone. Dendy has also developed an app for use on Samsung Smart TVs, which is to be released soon. Chromecast compatibility is also in the pipeline. This means that the only way to stream currently is on a mobile device or your computer. In the era of home cinema, users may be turned off by the need for a HDMI cable to connect to a TV, and smart TV apps and Chromecast compatibility seemingly can’t come quickly enough.

How does Dendy Direct compare to Netflix or Stan?

Dendy Direct has no ongoing monthly subscription fee, while Netflix and Stan cost a minimum of $9.99 and $10 respectively. However, Dendy’s product is slightly different than these two streaming services in that it’s ‘pay per view’. Where Dendy Direct shines through is its ability to have movies on offer that are in cinema, or just out of it. Netflix and Stan have large libraries of older movies, but somewhat struggle to provide hot and new content due to licensing costs. In this sense, Dendy Direct may be a good ‘supplement’ to what Netflix and Stan offer, as the $0 ongoing fee means you don’t feel like you have to watch anything. The flipside to this coin is that you can’t just log in and watch; you need to first worry about purchasing something first.

While Dendy Direct may be cheaper than a trip to the movies, those $5 movie rentals can add up in the long run. If you don’t need the hottest content, you may find a cheaper alternative in Netflix or Stan. What also holds Dendy Direct back is its limited range of ways to watch. While there are likely to be developments here, the fact that you can only really watch on a laptop or mobile device is somewhat of a letdown, as with Netflix and Stan there are countless ways to watch. While Dendy Direct likely won’t be able to replace your Netflix or Stan account, what it can do is probably be used as a good supplement to one of these services when you need it.

Should I direct my money to Dendy Direct?

Dendy Direct is a convenient way to watch some recent blockbusters that have just left the cinemas. They are fairly cheap to rent – starting at around $5 – while also being around $20 or so to purchase. While you never actually own the file, you do own the stream. Shows are also available for around 99c an episode, while ‘season passes’ are available and may work out to be better value. However, these costs can evidently add up in the long run.

While perhaps not being enough to replace your Netflix or Stan account, it could be good to sign up and use Direct as a supplement to these services. What’s more is that Direct is only available to watch on a select few devices, which may frustrate some. Overall, Dendy Direct is not exactly a Netflix or Stan ‘killer’, but it may be worth signing up for the odd newish movie or two when  you want to watch something outside the realms of the Netflix or Stan library.

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