Mint Telecom

Review of Mint Telecom broadband plans

There are more than 100 internet service providers (ISPs) out there, which can make it difficult to find a broadband plan that suits you. Mint Telecom is a relatively new provider, founded in 2015, and uses the Telstra network to offer broadband and phone options for households and businesses to choose from.

Mint Telecom CEO Michael Speglic said: “Our point of difference in the market isn’t anything super exciting or overly different. It’s purely all about great customer service and delivering products that work – all backed up with years of experience in the industry.”  The experience mentioned refers to Speglic’s 5+ years with the company now called Vocus Communications – parent company of Dodo and iPrimus.

Mint Telecom’s office is based out of Hobart, Tasmania and the telco provides customers with both ADSL and NBN plans, with the ability to bundle them in with a home phone plan. Find out exactly what’s on offer from Mint Telecom, and how it stacks up against the competition with Canstar Blue.

Mint Telecom Internet Plans

Mint Telecom has four ADSL plans, and four base NBN plans, with the ability to upgrade your speed tier and data allowance. All four ADSL plans come with unlimited data, with the point of difference being home phone call allowances, although you can opt for an internet-only ADSL plan, provided you have a Telstra phone service. With NBN you have a choice of either 100GB data or 1.2TB, with all Mint plans coming as a six month contract, regardless of your choice between ADSL or NBN.

Mint Telecom ADSL Plans & Bundles

Mint currently offers four ADSL and phone bundles, along with one ADSL only plan for shoppers to choose. The Mint bundles start at $69.95 per month for the Nude Bundle (which is only available in Metro areas), with the top tier Ultimate Bundle setting you back $109.95 per month. Each bundle is on a six month contract, and comes with unlimited data, with the main difference coming in the form of the call costs.

Mint Telecom outline the call costs below on the Nude Bundle:

  • Local calls: 25c per call
  • National calls: 20c per minute
  • Mobile calls: 36c per minute
  • 13/1300 calls: 44c per call

These rates are consistent throughout the ADSL plans, although if you opt for the Middle Bundle, the mobile call rate jumps from 36c per minute to 0.99c per minute, although both local and national calls are included within the bundle as a trade-off. Additionally, there is a Flagfall of 45c for all timed calls not included in the monthly access fee.

Mint’s ADSL Only plan includes unlimited data for $69 per month, although also incurs a $99 set up fee and a modem that will cost an additional $19.95 postage fee. However, the Mint ADSL Only plan requires an active Telstra phone service, meaning it won’t be suitable for everyone.

Mint Telecom NBN Plans & Bundles

Similar to its ADSL plans, Mint Telecom offers both Internet Only plans in addition to multiple bundles to help you find the best fit for your needs. For Internet Only plans, Mint offers the Basic, Standard, Standard+, Premium and Premium+ plans, with both the Basic and Premium+ plans available with either 100GB or 1,200GB of data per month, while the other plans come with unlimited data. All plans are on a six month contract, with a modem set up fee of $99 plus a $19.95 postage fee added on at the beginning.

If you’re looking for a phone and NBN bundle, Mint offers the same pricing tiers for NBN as it does for ADSL bundles, including the Nude, Starter, Middle and Ultimate plans, although phone calls between Mint to Mint numbers are free. Prices for an NBN bundle start at $69.95 per month, with additional costs for the modem.

Mint Business Plans

Mint Telecom also offers business solutions and Business Phone Systems, although it recommends that you get in contact to see what they can specifically do for you. However, they offer IP Voice, SIP trunks and Hosted PBX solutions, along with a dedicated service team to help keep your business running.

Mint Telecom Customer Service

Mint Telecom has its office based in Hobart, and offers a call centre, online chatbot and an email service to help with your troubleshooting. It also provides a ‘self-care’ customer portal to let customers handle all their own goings-on, with an online payment option if you want to pay a bill without signing up or into your account. Payments are available via debit and credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club.

Additionally, customers also stand to receive a year’s free membership to Mint’s ‘twoforone’ rewards program. Essentially a private vacation club, the ‘twoforone’ offer includes four packages, such as the cruise package, whcih offers ‘2 for 1’ cruise discounts, with member-preferred rates and other benefits. For customers looking for more than just straight broadband, Mint Telecom may be the service provider that’s worth a look-in. But how does it compare to other providers?

How does Mint Telecom compare to other providers?

Mint Telecom offers a number of ADSL and NBN plans across all four speed tiers on the Telstra wholesale network, which may give some peace of mind being on arguably the largest provider in Australia. However, in terms of price, it somewhat struggles to compete with some of the cheaper providers, although some may find it worth the extra money for a local call centre and potential discount on your next cruise holiday.

Mint Telecom Naked ADSL Plan Compared

  • Unlimited data from $69.95 a month

Over recent years, basic plans have become one of the biggest battlegrounds for providers, each vying for the title of the cheapest provider available. And while Mint Telecom may have been in the discussion when it first entered the scene, it has ended up on the pricier end of the spectrum, albeit it’s only by a few dollars per month. However, add into the $99 modem set up fee – along with the additional $19.95 postage – and it can quickly add up. However, if you’re looking for something short term, its six month contract could fit well with many, particularly those renting, which may be its saving grace for some. However, it should also be noted that its naked ADSL bundle is only available in metro areas, meaning it may not be available to some households.

Mint Telecom Bundled ADSL Plans Compared

  • Unlimited bundled plan from $89.95 a month

Mint Telecom offers some interesting bundled internet plans, but you can probably find cheaper prices elsewhere if you look. Providers such as Exetel, Dodo and TPG all offer bundled calls to local and national lines as well as mobiles with unlimited data for less than $70 a month. While there are plenty of other providers much dearer, among the ‘cheapest of the cheap’, Mint somewhat struggles to keep up, although cheap doesn’t always mean good value. However, you may still find merit in Mint being on the Telstra network and offering solid customer service.

Mint Telecom NBN Plans Compared

  • 50/20 speeds with unlimited data from $79.95 a month

The 50/20 ‘Standard’ NBN plans are Mint’s most popular plan (according to the brand), providing a middle ground for households to choose. With unlimited data, and claiming a minimum Evening speed of 30Mbps, Mint says the Standard plan should be ideal for those three to four people at the same time, and for watching HD videos and streams. While not the most impressive night time speed, Mint’s unlimited data has become the standard amongst the industry, although there are cheaper plans out there if you’re looking to set up a new internet provider for your household.

Should I get a fresh Mint Telecom plan?

Mint Telecom is a relatively new telco that looks to give households a one-stop-shop with its bundle plans and Aussie-based customer service, but may have the household budget thinking twice about a plan, as it isn’t the cheapest provider around. While how much the monthly bill is only one area to consider, with no shortage of providers offering cheaper, or higher speeds, for around the same cost, it can quickly turn to a discussion on how many people you have in your house and what your internet needs are. Regardless if you’re looking for a internet only plan, or looking to set up a home phone as well, be sure to research into all of your options, with our NBN comparison tool a good place to start.