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Review of Mint Telecom broadband plans

There are more than 100 internet service providers (ISPs) out there, which can make it difficult to find a broadband plan that suits you. Mint Telecom is a relatively new provider, founded in 2015, that aims to provide simple internet solutions that simply work. It uses the Telstra network to deliver its broadband services.

Mint Telecom CEO Michael Speglic said: “Our point of difference in the market isn’t anything super exciting or overly different. It’s purely all about great customer service and delivering products that work – all backed up with years of experience in the industry.”  The experience mentioned refers to Speglic’s 5+ years with the company now called Vocus Communications – parent company of Dodo and iPrimus.

Mint Telecom’s office is based out of Hobart, Tasmania and the telco provides customers with both ADSL and NBN plans, with the ability bundle them in with a home phone plan. Find out exactly what’s on offer from Mint Telecom, and how it stacks up against the competition with Canstar Blue.

Mint Telecom Internet Plans

Mint Telecom has four ADSL plans, and four base NBN plans, with the ability to upgrade your speed tier and data allowance. All four ADSL plans come with unlimited data, with the point of difference being home phone call allowances. With NBN you have a choice of either 100GB data or 1.2TB. All plans come on a six month contract.

Connection What’s Included Price Per Month From
ADSL ‘Naked’ connection, unlimited data $69.95
Unlimited data, local calls $89.95
Unlimited data, local and national calls $99.95
Unlimited data, local, national and mobile calls $109.95
NBN ‘Naked’ NBN, 100GB data, Tier 1 $54.95*
100GB data, local calls $59.95*
100GB data, local and national calls $69.95*
100GB data, local national and mobile calls $79.95*

*Speed tiers $10 each, 1.2TB data $20 more

Source: Mint Telecom Website

Mint Telecom ADSL Plans

As it stands, Mint’s naked DSL plan is available in metro areas only. Otherwise, if outside of a metro area, you must pick a call plan on top of unlimited data, which costs $49. The call packs then cost $40.95, $50.95 and $60.95, and the total bundled costs can be found above.

  • If you have a service on the Telstra network already, there is a $99 set-up fee
  • An NBN-ready modem costs nothing extra but incurs a $19.95 postage fee

The naked plan can also include a working phone if required, but you will be subject to the pay as you go (PAYG) call rates, which are as follows:

  • Local calls: 25c each
  • National calls: 20c/minute
  • Mobile calls: 36c/minute
  • 13/1300 Calls: 44c untimed

Mobile and national calls incur a 45c flagfall fee for each call made. Mint Telecom has ensured a wide range of customers are covered, with metro areas seemingly benefiting most with the naked plan on offer.

Mint Telecom NBN Plans

Mint’s NBN plans are a bit of a different beast altogether, with an arguably more competitive pricing structure to its ADSL plans. The base prices as noted above come with 100GB of data. There are no unlimited plans per se, but 1.2TB is a lot of data nonetheless.

  • Upgrading to 1.2TB (1,200GB) costs $20 extra per month
  • All four speed tiers are available, and each speed jump adds an extra $10 on your plan

Therefore, the maximum price you could expect to pay on the NBN would be for 1.2TB data, plus 100/40 speeds with the ‘NBN Ultimate’ bundle, which includes calls to local and national lines, and mobiles. This would cost $129.95 a month.

  • A pre-configured, NBN-ready modem is available for $0 with all plans, with the shipping fee of $19.95.

Additionally, for fibre to the premises (FTTP) customers, there is a 200GB data option for only $10 extra, which exists as a handy midpoint between 100GB and 1.2TB. Overall Mint offers a comprehensive array of NBN plans, sure to suit a lot of customers.

Mint Telecom Customer Service

Mint Telecom prides itself on customer service, with its office based in Hobart. Mint Telecom aims to “help people connect”, and to “maximise your time, not your costs”. Mint Telecom offers a call centre, message centre and an email service. It also provides a ‘self-care’ customer portal to let customers handle all their own goings-on.

Additionally, customers also stand to receive a year’s free membership to Mint’s ‘exclusive’ TwoForOne rewards program. Basically it’s a private vacation club, with four packages on offer. The cruise package, for example, offers ‘2 for 1’ cruise discounts, with member-preferred rates and other benefits. For customers looking for more than just straight broadband, Mint Telecom may be the service provider that’s worth a look-in. But how does it compare to other providers?

How does Mint Telecom compare to other providers?

Mint Telecom offers a comprehensive array of both ADSL plans and NBN plans across all four speed tiers on the Telstra wholesale network. While certainly no slouch, in terms of price, it somewhat struggles to compete with some cheap providers. However you may find it worth the extra money for a local call centre and solid customer service.

Mint Telecom Naked DSL Plan Compared

  • Unlimited data from $69.95 a month

In this space, Mint Telecom is on-point when it comes to value. Other providers offer plans at similar prices, however keep an eye out for lengthy contracts, modem and set up fees. Such service providers in this space are MyRepublic, which is on a 12 month contract as standard, MyNetFone, iiNet and Internode. Users may benefit from Mint’s relatively short six-month contract here, as many others are on a 12 or 24 month contract.

Mint Telecom Bundled ADSL Plans Compared

  • Unlimited bundled plan from $89.95 a month

Mint Telecom offers some interesting bundled internet plans, but you can probably find at least cheaper prices elsewhere if you look. Providers such as Exetel, Dodo, MyNetFone and TPG all offer bundled calls to local and national lines as well as mobiles with unlimited data for less than $70 a month. While there are plenty of other providers much dearer, among the ‘cheapest of the cheap’, Mint somewhat struggles to keep up. However, you may still find merit in Mint being on the Telstra network and offering solid customer service. Cheapest doesn’t always mean best.

Mint Telecom NBN Plans Compared

  • 25/5 speeds with 1.2TB data from $84.95 a month

CEO Michael Speglic said that Mint’s 25/5 plans are the most popular, and for 1.2TB of data you’ll need to be willing to pay over $80 a month, and more if you want a phone pack bundled in. Users may be wondering why Mint does not offer unlimited data, and Mint has said that it is difficult to meet the bandwidth i.e. speed demands of customers while also delivering unlimited data. So, in this instance, if you see cheap unlimited data from an NBN provider, then you may have to be prepared to sacrifice speed.

With all this said, several providers manage to offer unlimited data and 25/5 speeds for less than $70 a month. Whether you actually achieve these speeds is another question entirely. Such cheap providers are Amaysim, Bendigo Bank Telco, Barefoot Telecom and Mate Communicate.

Should I get a fresh Mint Telecom plan?

Mint Telecom is a relatively new telco priding itself on its customer service and wide range of broadband plans. However, based on price alone, it is not a winner as such. Its most competitive plan is arguably its naked DSL offering, which is priced on-par with a lot of other providers, and you also get unlimited data to boot. Its bundled ADSL plans are by no means uncompetitive, but if you’re just looking for the cheapest plan, chances are you can find another provider.

Its NBN plans are much the same, however, and also do not come with unlimited data. While 1.2TB is a lot, it just doesn’t have the same ring as ‘unlimited’. Nevertheless, there are reasons for this – the main one being what NBN Co dishes out and the speeds on offer – but again you could probably find cheaper deals if you want to. Mint Telecom stands out for its local call centre, and relatively simple, no-fuss plans with a focus on bundled broadband. If you’re shopping around they are worth a look into but if you want the cheapest, you may find other providers are more suited.

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