Mungi NBN Plans Review

You may not have heard of Mungi NBN – but you may want to sit up and take note. Mungi is just one of 100+ providers in the NBN space, but its plans are some of the most competitive out there. Find out how this small Melbourne-based telco is taking on the big guys below.

Mungi NBN Plans

Mungi promises no contracts, low setup fees, no cancellation fees, no late fees (within reason), and no credit card surcharges on its plans. There are three base NBN plans, all with unlimited data:

  • Basic Evening Speed (NBN 12): $59.95
  • Standard Plus Evening Speed (NBN 50): $69.95
  • Premium Evening Speed (NBN 100): $79.95

Mungi boasts an Australian call centre and is able to connect a variety of NBN connection types – FTTN, FTTP, FTTC and HFC. Setup fees cost $49.95, although this is sometimes waived. Call packs can also be added from $4.95 a month. Two modems are also available:

  • Premium – $199.95: D-Link DVA-2800
  • Standard – $89.95: D-Link DSL-G225

A range extender is also available for $129.95, while more advanced routers and modems can also be purchased. So, Mungi looks the goods, but is it? See how Mungi stacks up below.

Mungi NBN Plans Compared

Mungi stacks up pretty well against the competition – including some providers you may or may not have heard of. See how its plans compare below.

Mungi NBN 12 Plan Compared

If you’re just after the most basic speed tier, Mungi provides a competitive plan for about $60. This is right on the money in terms of unlimited data with other providers. All in all, the cheapest price you can expect to pay here is about $50 a month, but you may value an Aussie call centre, no contracts and low setup fees, which Mungi provides. Other providers worth keeping an eye out for include Flip, Barefoot, Mate and Tangerine – all quirky names that have something to offer.

Mungi NBN 50 Plan Compared

NBN 50 wholesale prices have been slashed, and nowadays it’s common to see unlimited plans as little as around $70 a month. Here, Mungi competes extremely well, though some providers can offer plans around $10 cheaper. Such providers include Mate and Barefoot, as well as Kogan Internet, and Exetel. However, you will have to keep an eye out for setup fees and contracts.

Mungi NBN 100 Plan Compared

For premium speeds, you can expect a premium price, right? Well, not necessarily. Anything under $90 here for unlimited data is pretty hard to top, but Mungi takes it one step further and offers a plan just under $80. It shines for its lack of contracts, low setup fees and its Aussie call centre. Other providers on the radar include MyRepublic, AusBBS, Kogan and Barefoot.

Is a Mungi internet plan worth the hype?

You may not have heard of Mungi NBN, but it’s certainly a telco worth giving a hoot about. It’s a small Melbourne-based telco but that doesn’t take away from its competitive NBN plans. To boot, customers do not have to contend with hefty setup fees, or lengthy contracts. The provider also charges nominal fees for nifty D-Link routers and has a dead-simple approach to NBN plans. Compared to other service providers it stacks up extremely well, especially against some more well-known names. Mungi may not be on the radar, but it should be now.

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