Telecube NBN Plans Review

Did you know that there are over 100 NBN service providers out there? That’s right and some have strange names such as ‘Telecube’. Telecube proclaims to ‘communicate outside the box’, however, strange Telecube is not. With an array of competitive NBN plans with no contracts, no excess data charges and with ‘superfast’ speeds, Telecube may be a provider that makes you sit up and take notice. Let’s see how Telecube NBN plans stack up below.

Telecube NBN Plans

Telecube deals solely in fixed line NBN plans – at this stage anyway – and has three base plans to choose from.

  • 100GB from $50.
  • 500GB from $55.
  • 1000GB from $60.

Plans come on the 25/5 speed tier as standard, with speed boosts available to 50/20 and again to 100/40.

  • To go from 25/5 to 50/20 costs an extra $5 a month.
  • From 50/20 to 100/40 is another $4-$5.
  • The most expensive plan is $69 a month, which consists of 1000GB on the 100/40 speed tier.

Telecube offers a great deal of flexibility with its NBN plans, with no lock-in contracts as standard. Customers are also free to upgrade or downgrade their plan at no extra cost. The telco also boasts an Australian call centre. Other notes include:

  • All plans come with unlimited off-peak data from midnight to 7am.
  • There are no excess data charges but speed is shaped to 256kbps.
    • To add on a full-speed data pack you can expect to pay: $5 for 10GB, $10 for 25GB, $20 for 50GB or $30 for 100GB.
  • All plans come with a $49 setup fee, and customers have to BYO modem.

As you can see, while there are no unlimited plans, the prices and additional perks may more than make up for it. Let’s see how Telecube compares to other providers.

How does Telecube compare to other NBN providers?

Although you may not have heard of it, Telecube compares extremely well to the competition, offering some of the cheapest plans out there especially on the higher speed tiers.

Telecube 25/5 NBN Plans Compared

  • 1000GB data for $60 a month

Telecube is one of the cheapest providers out there with 1000GB data on board for $60. The cheapest providers are only cheaper by a few cents, but they offer unlimited data. Still, 1000GB is quite a lot and if you can schedule your big downloads for between midnight and 7am, Telecube may be able to cut the mustard. Other providers worth considering are Flip TV, Hello Broadband, Dodo and MyNetFone.

Telecube 50/20 NBN Plans Compared

  • 1000GB data for $65 a month

For only $5 extra, Telecube makes boosting speeds really attractive. Since NBN Co lowered its wholesale charges for 50/20 speeds, a range of providers have then lowered their costs making 50/20 one of the most hotly-contested speed tiers. Telecube does well to maintain ranks, competing with other providers such as Mate Communicate, Barefoot Telecom, Exetel and SpinTel. Once again these providers offer unlimited data, but keep an eye out for setup costs and other fees.

Telecube 100/40 NBN Plans Compared

  • 1000GB data for $69 a month

Telecube beats out most others in this segment by being one of the cheapest providers. While not technically ‘unlimited data’, Telecube does provide 1000GB and unlimited off-peak data, still making it a viable contender. Providers worth keeping an eye out here for are SpinTel, Barefoot and Mate, as well as MyRepublic. Telecube shines here for offering a range of extra perks and a low setup fee that many others cannot match.

Is a Telecube NBN plan worth squaring up?

Telecube may not be the provider on everybody’s lips when it comes to the NBN, but it does offer some exciting plans that fly under the radar. With only a 1000GB maximum data allowance, many people may overlook the telco for something else that offers unlimited data. But Telecube does offer unlimited off-peak data, which is easy to miss if you’re not careful.

  • Telecube offers one of the cheapest Tier 4 NBN plans with 1000GB on board at only $69.
  • It has cheaper setup fees than most of the competition and has no lock-in contracts as standard.

Telecube’s relatively concise array of plans also means that customers can easily choose what they are after, backed by an Australian support centre. Telecube may not have been on your list if looking for a new NBN plan, but with cheap rates and other perks you may want to put it on there.

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