ACCC calls for more transparent broadband speed information

There are 7 million fixed broadband subscribers in Australia and a further 6 million users of mobile broadband according to ABS statistics from December 2015.

Yet while broadband is undoubtedly crucial for so many homes and businesses, do you understand the deal you’re getting? Well according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) – Probably not.

Earlier today, the ACCC issued a release calling on internet providers for improved clarity in advertising about broadband speeds.

“Consumers are entitled to expect clear and accurate information about broadband services,” ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.

“At the moment, it is difficult for consumers to access accurate information as broadband advertising is not focusing upon speed and performance. Consumers are being presented with little information or vague claims like ‘boost’ and ‘fast’, or just pictures in advertising of athletes or animals. Consumers need accurate information about broadband speed and performance so that they can understand if what they are being offered will actually meet their needs,” Mr Sims said

Canstar Blue research conducted earlier this year found that network performance, including download speeds, is the greatest driver of satisfaction for many broadband customers – especially when it comes to small business.

Given how important broadband performance is in influencing consumer purchasing decisions, it makes sense that the ACCC is seeking improvements to advertising disclosure standards in this regard.

How to understand broadband speeds

Canstar Blue has written several articles to help consumers understand what exactly they’re getting with their broadband and data packages. Below are a few.

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