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Exetel is a massively successful independent internet service provider, now making a name for itself in the world of NBN, delivering competitive plans with a reputation for good service to boot. The company has been running for 15 years and today operates across NBN, Home Wireless, Opticomm Fibre, mobile broadband and mobile phone pillars of telecommunications, giving Aussies plenty of options when it comes to getting online.

But how do Exetel’s NBN speeds compare to the competition? Today, we’ll be looking into how Exetel stacks up against the Australian averages.

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How fast is Exetel NBN?

The cheapest Exetel NBN plan on the market (NBN 25) runs at a typical evening download speed of 20Mbps, while its mid-range NBN 50 plan operates average speeds of 40Mbps, and Exetel’s premium speed NBN 100 plan clocks in with a typical evening speeds of 77Mbps. All of these speeds operate below Australian average evening speeds, as of December 2020.

When we talk about typical evening speeds we’re referring to the average evening speeds reported by the telcos for their services between the busy downloading hours of 7pm and 11pm. NBN providers publish the typical peak time speeds that customers can expect to see at home, rather than the maximum theoretical speeds that are possible. 

What to expect from Exetel NBN?

Exetel’s NBN plan speeds and how they stack up to their maximum theoretical speeds are shown in the table below.

Speed Tier Max Download Speed Exetel’s Typical Evening Speed*

NBN 25 – Unlimited



NBN 50 – Unlimited



NBN 100 – Unlimited



*Speeds correct as of December 2020, Canstar Blue

In May 2020, it was reported by the ACCC that Exetel’s NBN plans operate at 89.2% of maximum plan speed. This means that while the plans will never reach their perfect theoretical speed (such as the 25Mbps in NBN 25 or the 100Mbps in NBN 100), they will typically operate at 89.2% of their full potential, which is a fairly good result for Exetel.

The following table shows a selection of published Exetel NBN plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of standard monthly cost, from the lowest to highest, and then by alphabetical order of provider. Use our comparison tool above to see plans from a range of other providers. This is a selection of products with links to a referral partner.

Is Exetel NBN good for Netflix?

All Exetel NBN plans should be good enough for Netflix, with Exetel’s NBN 25 plan being a great option for standard definition streaming, and Exetel’s NBN 50 and NBN 100 offers being solid for high definition and 4K streaming. Netflix maintains a Speed Index for Australian internet providers, in which Exetel ranks number seven in terms of speed on the Netflix server, clocking in at 4.35Mbps on average.

How do Exetel NBN speeds compare?

The below table shows how Exetel’s NBN speeds compare to Australian evening averages.

Speed Tier Exetel’s Typical Evening Speed Australian Average Evening Speed*

NBN 25 – Unlimited



NBN 50 – Unlimited



NBN 100 – Unlimited



*Speeds correct as of December 2020, ACCC

The results show that Exetel consistently falls below the average evening speed of NBN providers across the country. While its NBN 25 and NBN 50 plans are not too far behind the benchmark speeds, Exetel’s NBN 100 plan is way off the mark, so you’ll probably be able to find more reliable, faster speeds with other providers. The results were based on a survey of more than 2,500 households.

What do customers think of Exetel NBN speeds?

Exetel scored a rating of four stars out of five for NBN speed & reliability in Canstar Blue’s latest customer satisfaction review of NBN providers. This put Exetel about half way up the table, behind leading brands like Aussie Broadband, Belong and Internode, but ahead of providers including Telstra, Optus and Dodo.

What impacts Exetel NBN speeds?

A woman using her laptop

Typically the biggest offender impacting on your NBN speed is your type of NBN and problems surrounding that. If you’re on a HFC, FTTN, FTTC or FTTB connection, you could be experiencing congestion on your local node, or you could be far from your local node, causing slower speeds. On top of this, there could be damage to your connection or modem, or you could have too many devices on your network, sucking up bandwidth that you need to use. We’ve done a great explainer on what would make your internet slow here.

How can I make my Exetel NBN speed faster?

Try running through these basic steps:

  • Consider upgrading your NBN plan to a faster speed tier.
  • Disconnect any devices you’re not currently using from your WiFi so they’re not sucking up bandwidth.
  • Investigate your line and modem for damage. If you suspect damage, call a technician out through your NBN provider.
  • Consider upgrading to the Technology Choice Program.

Is Exetel NBN a good deal?

Exetel has never claimed to offer the best NBN speeds around, which is just as well considering that it consistently falls short of the average evening speeds reported across the country. But that’s not what Exetel is all about – it’s instead the type of provider that offers good value when you consider the speeds you receive against their price and the level of customer service you get. So Exetel could still be safe bet for households looking for bang for their buck from their NBN plan, rather than the fastest speeds. If you’d like to know more about Exetel, we’ve got a great article on them here.

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