Google launches new Wi-Fi router

Google has released its new router and in doing so promises to provide greater coverage to eliminate internet blackspots.

Creatively-named ‘Google Wi-Fi’, the new router was released in Ireland and is now available in Australia for $199. It is available to purchase at JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Officeworks and the Good Guys.

This isn’t Google’s first router, with its first iteration labelled ‘OnHub’, which was developed by TP Link. This new router is developed entirely in-house.

Forbes tech writer Gordon Kelly said this new router won’t light the world on fire, but it should provide home users with good user experience.

“Google Wi-Fi isn’t a device for the hardcore networking enthusiasts, but they are well catered for already. Instead Google Wi-Fi is the router the masses have needed for years, and they should embrace it,” Mr Kelly said in his review.

The router can be purchased as a one, two or three pack, with one designed for a small home, two for medium homes, and three for a large home. This aims to tackle the problem of Wi-Fi deadspots that are commonplace in larger homes. Google claims the three pack can cover up to 4,500 square feet (418m²).

The Google Wi-Fi router supports AC speeds with AC1200 on-board. This differs from other premium routers that boast up to AC1900 and beyond. This is because the router operates as a ‘mesh’ system, rather than traditional routers. This can result in more even dispersal of Wi-Fi signal across the home.

Google Wi-Fi also comes with a compatible mobile app to control parental settings, assess network health, monitor internet speeds, receive networking tips and so on.

Mr Kelly said: “Google Wi-Fi is not the fastest mesh system or even the fastest router you can buy, but it isn’t meant to be. It is meant to be discreet yet stylish and provide house-wide Wi-Fi coverage at a speed which is fast enough for most users – all at an affordable price.”

How do people rate their Wi-Fi routers in Australia?

Most households in Australia simply get their Wi-Fi router from their internet service provider, even though users are quite savvy when it comes to networking. Canstar Blue research found that nearly three-quarters of users know where to place their router in the home to get the best reception. For those who purchased a new router, nearly a quarter said they had to because it wasn’t included in their internet plan, and 15 per cent also said they were unsatisfied with the one in their internet plan.

The NBN rollout is also a point of concern, with 40% having to upgrade because of the NBN. Users spent an average of $128 on their new wireless routers, which means Google’s offering is slightly higher than average, but not outrageously so.

Canstar Blue’s 2017 customer satisfaction ratings for router brands found TP Link to be the highest rated for performance & reliability, reception, speed and ease of use.

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