Optus adds new NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans for families

For larger households with high internet and entertainment needs, finding a suitable NBN plan can be a bit tricky. The good news is that Optus has added a couple of new plans with some bonus features bundled in. These new plans include entertainment extras and are designed to optimise your home internet experience for large, multi-room households with heavy internet needs.

The new ‘Family Internet Ultimate’ plans are available alongside Optus’ older ‘Internet Everyday’ and ‘Internet Entertainer’ plans, with the difference being that these new plans have a focus on family and big-household usage. If you sign up to one of these plans, you’ll get the Optus Ultra WiFi booster (for extending WiFi range in your home), a Fetch Mini set top box plus 3 months of free access to more than 45 channels (offer expires March 31, 2021), Optus Sport and OS Fitness. You can also pick up a discount on both the NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans for your first 12 months, terms apply (offer expires April 4, 2021). Sound like the plan you’ve been looking for? Read on for details.

Optus Family NBN Plans

  • Family Internet Ultimate: NBN 50 for $79 per month for 12 months, then $85 ongoing
  • Family Internet Ultimate 100: NBN 100 for $99 per month for 12 months, then $105 ongoing

Optus includes Optus Sport and OS Fitness on all of its NBN plans, along with an included Optus Ultra WiFi Modem with 4G backup, which costs $252 upfront. However, if you stay connected for 36 months, the modem won’t cost you a thing, although if you cancel your Optus service, you’ll still need to pay the remainder of the modem costs. Optus NBN plans also come with included pay-as-you-go (PAYG) home phone plans as default, although you can get a home phone add on for an additional $10 per month with unlimited local, national and Australian mobile calls. You can also add on the Game Path tool for $10 per month if you want an improved online gaming experience.

Compare Optus NBN plans

Curious about how these new plans stack up against the other NBN plans Optus offers? The following table shows selected published Optus NBN plans from Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of cost, from the lowest to highest and then by data allowance, largest to smallest. Use our comparison tool to see plans from a range of other providers. This is a selection of products with links to a referral partner.

Do I need the Optus Ultra WiFi Booster?

The Optus Ultra WiFi Booster is a wall-plugged device that expands the range of your home WiFi. Smaller homes would have very little need for a WiFi Booster, although larger households such as multi-level homes with multiple bedrooms, would find it very useful — especially if you’re noticing WiFi quality dropping when you’re far from your modem. The Optus Ultra WiFi Booster is normally priced at $216 upfront, but Optus will cover this cost each month and you’ll pay nothing if you stay connected for 36 months. However, if you cancel before 36 months of service, you will need to pay the remainder of your booster costs at $6 per month times the number of months remaining.

WiFi boosters are widely available now and you don’t need to get one through Optus if you don’t want to. However, getting one through one of these NBN plans makes things simple, and doesn’t put much of the setup pressure on you, as the device is coming directly from your Internet Service Provider.

What is the Fetch Mini?

If your household likes to watch things on the TV, a Fetch Mini might be worth considering. A Fetch Mini is a set top box that plugs into your TV and allows you to watch free to air channels, with the ability to pause and rewind live TV and access streaming apps such as Netflix and Stan (subscription required).

You can also access a range of premium channel packs for an additional cost. The Family Ultimate plans come with three free months of access to the Ultimate Pack, which lets you watch more than 45 channels. This offer expires March 31, 2021, after which you’ll have to start paying for your Fetch TV channel access, with individual channel packs costing $6 per month or $20 per month for the Ultimate Pack.

Should I get Optus NBN 50 or NBN 100?

Optus offers two NBN speed tiers — NBN 50 and NBN 100. These are the most widely-available two fastest NBN speed tiers, with both tiers capable of fast downloads and able to handle most high-usage internet needs.

NBN 50, or Home Standard NBN, is a great place to start for families after a fast internet speed. According to NBN Co, NBN 50 is ideal for households of three or four people online simultaneously and for activities like high-definition video streaming, downloading files, playing online games and working from home. Optus’ typical evening speed for NBN 50 is 45Mbps at the time of writing.

Looking for a bit more speed? NBN 100, or Home Fast NBN, is ideal for a household after an internet speed that’s quite a bit faster than NBN 50. The NBN Co website lists NBN 100 as suitable for households of five or more people online in your home, and this tier works well for HD and 4K video streaming, as well as downloading large files quickly, online gaming and your everyday internet needs. Optus lists typical evening speeds for NBN 100 as 90Mbps.

Compare NBN 50 plans

After an NBN plan for your household, but don’t know where to start? NBN 50 is a good place to work out which speed suits your needs. Cheaper than NBN 100 and typically a little bit more expensive than NBN 25, NBN 50 puts you right in the middle of available speed tiers, where you’ll be able to gauge if you want a faster (and more expensive) or slower (and cheaper) experience. This speed is also the most commonly available, so you’ll have a wide range of NBN providers to choose from when comparing NBN plans.

Unlimited Standard Plus Evening Speed (NBN 50) Plans

The following table shows a selection of published unlimited Standard Plus Evening Speed (NBN 50) plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of standard monthly cost (excluding discounts), from lowest to highest, and then by alphabetical order of provider. Use our comparison tool above to see plans from a range of other providers. This is a selection of products with links to referral partners.

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