Telco launches broadband plan targeted at renters


Finding the right broadband plan can be confusing, especially if you’re renting a home and don’t want to commit to a lengthy contract.

It’s estimated that around one-third of Australian adults now live in rented accommodation and the current state of the housing market has seen young Aussies dubbed “the generation of renters”.

This has prompted one telco to launch what it calls the first plan in the DSL market created specifically for renters.

MyNetFone has revealed its Renters Internet Plan which promises unlimited DSL service relocations, 500GB of data and a free modem for $49.95 per month.

MyNetFone says it’s addressing the needs of renters because most internet providers “tend to offer the best value deals on 24 month contracts”, while no-contract plans typically come “with prohibitively high upfront fees”.

That’s why its new Renters Internet Plan offers a short six-month contract and free service relocations. However, it does require a one-off $99 set-up fee and $16.95 modem shipping fee.

“Like many of our innovative solutions, The Renters Internet Plan came from the real-life experience and frustrations of our own workforce, many of whom are young renters,” said Rene Sugo, CEO and co-founder of MyNetFone.

“When we realised that no ISP was delivering what they needed, we put together the plan which combines the flexibility of a shorter term and free relocation, with the benefits of typical longer contracts, like a free modem and low sign-up fee. It’s a lifestyle service that moves with you.”

A Canstar Blue survey found households are spending an average of $69 per month on their broadband connection. It also found about one-third would like to switch internet service providers, but find the process too daunting.

The Renters Internet Plan means tenants have the peace of mind that their competitively priced Internet connection can move with them for no additional cost, MyNetFone says.

“The plan delivers all the benefits renters require: low commitment, low cost and high data allowance, combined with complete flexibility which enables them to take the Renters Plan with them when they move at zero additional cost,” added Mr Sugo. “The new plan directly addresses the needs of renters and is the first in the Australian market to meet their requirements and alleviate their frustrations.”

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