Telstra reveals Australia’s biggest data-users

If you ever wondered if your Netflix binge habits are normal, now is your chance to confirm it.

Telstra has for the first time revealed just how much data its customers are using, and the results are staggering.

It revealed that in July 2018, its customers downloaded a total of 243.3PB. PB stands for petabytes, and one petabyte is equal to 1,000 terabytes. One terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes. Do the maths.

Telstra found that New South Welshmen consumed 30 per cent of this total figure – 71.6PB. However, per account, customers in NSW used less than the top average figure – those in the Northern Territory consumed the most per account at 263GB.

The overall consumption figure is 40 per cent up on the same time last year, and Telstra says that although the numbers are staggering, they aren’t really surprising.

“The growth of 4K televisions combined with faster internet speeds means Australians are watching videos in amazing quality and clarity, creating a much better entertainment experience than five years ago. Because of this improved experience as our customers move over to faster speeds on the NBN, we’re seeing their data usage increase,” said Jana Kotatko, Telstra’s Head of Fixed Products.

Telstra also revealed that it has over two million customers on unlimited data plans and two million customers connected to the National Broadband Network.

“It’s no secret Australians are streaming more content than ever before at home. Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Now, SBS on Demand, and all the other streaming services now available provide access to the most popular movies and TV shows as well as a host of other niche programming – there’s something for everyone these days,” Ms Kotatko said.

Telstra estimates that using Netflix’s consumption rate of 3GB per hour for a high definition stream, Australians collectively consumed up to 9,387 years of Netflix.

Telstra’s data insights coincide with an internet plan overhaul; customers can now get unlimited data from $89 with the Standard Plus (NBN 50) speed tier.

How much data does Australia use?

Australian Telstra customers consumed 243.3 petabytes of data in July 2018. While this seems like a lot, broken down per Telstra account, it may not be as much as you think.

State Data (GB) GB per Account
NSW 71,632,754 214
QLD 68,701,264 225
VIC 62,059,952 208
WA 25,990,083 231
SA 5,168,471 248
TAS 4,167,961 231
NT 2,926,876 263
ACT 2,651,149 193

Source: Telstra, September 2018

As you can see from the table above, NSW residents consumed the most data overall, but those in the Northern Territory consumed the most per account. Telstra also revealed that the top data-munching suburbs per account are as follows:

  • Munno Para Downs, SA – 363.7GB
  • Upper Coomera, QLD – 358.3GB
  • Craigeburn, VIC – 343.3GB
  • Harrison, ACT – 339.1GB
  • Clarendon Vale, TAS – 336.1GB
  • Mango Hill, QLD – 322.2GB
  • Jimboomba, QLD – 321.5GB
  • Narangba, QLD – 317.5GB
  • Ormeau, QLD – 317.3GB
  • Cairns, QLD – 316.3GB

Remember that this is also by the account, and not per user; this means that an ‘unlimited’ data plan may be unnecessary depending on the type of user you are. As always, it can pay to consider your own data usage figures before jumping into a new broadband plan.

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