What are the best TV shows to watch on Tenplay?


These days it’s all about bingeing Netflix and other streaming services, making it easy to believe free-to-air television has gone the way of the dinosaur. Not so. Traditional TV networks have largely gotten on the streaming bandwagon by offering their own catch-up TV services. Channel Nine has Nine Now, ABC has iView, SBS has On-Demand, Channel Seven has 7-Plus and Channel Ten has Tenplay. These services allow you to catch up on TV shows you missed – most of the time with fewer ads – and even watch live TV. See what Tenplay has to offer below.

Best TV Shows on Tenplay

Tenplay has all your favourite shows from the Network Ten world, including shows from Ten, One and Eleven. Below are our favourite shows on the service.

Have You Been Paying Attention?

If you like a bit of dark humour on your Monday night, but don’t have the time to watch it live, this quiz show on Tenplay could be for you. You’ve got five contestants, one host that everyone makes fun of and a common goal that surrounds being funny rather than getting the question right. Sounds simple but it’s a formula that works. ‘HYBPA’ usually airs Monday nights but with Tenplay you can catch up on episodes any time.

All Aussie Adventures

Time to hit the road! This cult classic TV show from the early 2000s is back. You’ve got Russell Coight, you’ve got Australia and you’ve got adventures. The show details Coight as he traverses his way across the barren Australian desert, thoughtfully educating laypeople about the trials and tribulations of the land. Some animals may have been harmed in the making of this show.

The Bachelor

You probably know what ‘Bachie’ is by now. Maybe you’re involved in an office sweepstakes or maybe you can’t resist the urge to vomit whenever you see the TV ads. On Tenplay, full episodes can be streamed, as well as extra stuff that didn’t make the cut. There are style galleries of all the women’s dresses, insider goss, outtakes, interviews with the bachelor and bachelorettes and so on. If you’re a self-confessed Bachie nerd, Tenplay provides a lot of extra insight into this really quite bizarre show.


Ever wanted to watch people watch TV? The idea sounds ludicrous but it just works. It takes after the UK show of the same name, and you’ve got a rotating list of everyday Australians as the cast. You watch them watching shows, and providing jibing commentary along the way. There are some characters on this show and often you’ll find yourself nodding along to what they all have to say. It’s a Logie award-winning show for three years in a row, so you know you’re in good hands when you sit down and watch this one.


Never has a show inspired someone to make their own croquembouche more so than Masterchef. It’s also made a household name out of many winners as well as Matt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan. It’s also high-stakes drama as stressed-out aspiring chefs try to pump out a fiddly dish to 200 people at a restaurant, among myriad other intense challenges. No wonder finding a band aid can cause a nervous breakdown. All 200+ episodes are freely available on Tenplay along with some bite-sized extra interviews, recipes and more.

Bondi Rescue

You may be thinking, “Is this show still around?” And the short answer is yes. The trials and tribulations of Australia’s most famous beach still captivate us and viewers abroad. From kids with jellyfish stings, to perverts with camera phones, to bogan fights, to kids cut up in the skate bowl to… drownings, Bondi Rescue has it all. With larrakins at the helm of the busiest beach, with names such as Kerrbox, Beardy and Whippet, you’re in safe hands as you watch this show narrated by Osher Gunsberg. Get psyched for summer with Bondi Rescue. Tenplay has full episodes as well as extra tidbits to tide you over til the next episode.

Live Streaming with Tenplay

Tenplay also offers live streaming of Ten and One. This way, you don’t have to rely on the TV signal to watch your favourite shows live. All you need is a reliable internet connection. While Tenplay lacks live streaming of Eleven, the biggest shows are still on Ten and include the aforementioned shows, as well as classic Network Ten tropes such as:

  • Dr Phil
  • Judge Judy
  • The Project
  • Australian Survivor
  • The Bold and the Beautiful
  • Entertainment Tonight
  • Ten Eyewitness News
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  • The Late Late Show with James Corden
  • Studio 10
  • Supercar Racing

Overall, Tenplay has a lot to offer streamers who want more out of their Channel Ten service. The service boasts categories, easy navigation and other features to make the service as useful as possible.

Should I watch Tenplay?

Well, why not? There’s no monthly subscription, and if you need to catch up on a Network Ten show, this is probably the easiest way to do so. There is also live streaming of channels Ten and One, so if you absolutely must get access to the Bold and the Beautiful at 4.30pm without an antenna connection, you are able to do so.

Overall there is little downside to using Tenplay. While it isn’t ad-free, Tenplay is the easiest way to catch up on Network Ten shows plus get access to extra stuff not aired on regular TV. Happy streaming!

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