What does the NBN mean for small business?


Despite the many changes, delays and controversies that the National Broadband Network (NBN) has undergone, it still represents an extremely useful piece of infrastructure which will connect the vast majority of Australians to high-speed broadband internet.

Whilst the obvious beneficiaries are Aussies using the internet for personal stuff such as browsing the web, streaming media and gaming online, the nation’s newfound connection speeds will see another big winner – small businesses.

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) around Australia will receive a significant opportunity for growth once they connect to the NBN; vastly increased bandwidth (i.e. faster internet speeds), combined with cheaper broadband plans and large (or even unlimited) data allowances are opening up multiple doors for businesses to flourish.

Increased bandwidth provides a whole host of benefits. Many businesses can now create their own website when doing so would have previously been unviable, thus increasing awareness of their brand and products. Businesses with existing sites can create faster, more responsive experiences that are easily modified and improved, and websites providing online shopping can ensure that transactions are more secure and less of a hassle.

The advantages of NBN connectivity aren’t limited to online business either; businesses with blazing-fast broadband can now share and collaborate on files with unprecedented ease. A prime example of this is architecture or engineering firms, which often need to share large CAD files and reports with long-distance clients; an uploading process which could often take an hour or more is reduced by NBN bandwidth to just minutes, which keeps clients happy and lets you be more productive.

Such speed advantages are helpful to all industries, whether it’s a salesman downloading a PowerPoint presentation from the cloud or a law firm sending through some documents before a deadline. When the speed of your internet connection increases, so too does the speed of your business – and that’s good news for everybody.

The NBN’s internet speeds have a myriad of other benefits, such as lag-free video calls to your colleagues, cheaper plans which reduce your business expenses, and many others. Whilst the NBN rollout will continue for several more years, the future of online business is looking bright already.

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