What is the “Do Not Call Register”?


Do not call register logoEver had a deluge of really annoying telemarketing calls, just when you were about to sit down for dinner? The ‘Do Not Call’ register might be what you need.

The Do Not Call Register is a program run by the Federal Government designed to protect the public from unwanted telemarketing calls. With over 10 million landline and mobile phone numbers on the register, the Do No Call Register has added around 3,600 numbers every day since it launched in May of 2007.

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If you wish to register your number to block unwanted telemarketing you can do so online, by phone or by post by following the information on the Do Not Call Register’s website. The Register is meant to be used for phones which are primarily or exclusively private or domestic phones, and not when the phone is used primarily for business purposes. Though what exactly constitutes a private number can vary case by case, in general this means phone numbers registered to an individual or located at a residential address. Numbers displayed on a business card or listed on a business website may be ineligible.

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Telemarketers are supplied a list of numbers on the register that they must not contact. If a telemarketer does contact a number on the register, they can face legal penalties. However, there is a list of exceptions to this barrier, including calls related to product recalls, appointment rescheduling, payment information or calls related to customer orders or enquiries.

Further, government bodies, registered charities, registered political parties or members of parliament and educational institutions that are or have been attended by a resident are all exempt.

While the register is effective in stopping legitimate telemarketing calls, it is unfortunately ineffective in stopping calls by scammers. Even if you haven’t listed your number with the Register, you should always be careful when receiving an unsolicited call, and not be afraid to hang up if you suspect the call is a scam.

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