Why Australians switch broadband providers


There is an increasing number of ways that consumers can access broadband across Australia, and many have recognised the breadth of the market and are now on the hunt for a better deal.

In 2013, we surveyed 944 broadband customers and found out why most people are willing to switch. The top reasons were the lure of promotional or special ‘deals’, the prospect of being given certain products, and the speed of their internet connection were primary motivators for making a change.

The vast majority of respondents (86%), however, had not changed ISPs in the past 12 months, chiefly because they were happy with their current provider.

So why did many Australians stay with their provider? Perhaps their motivators will help you weigh up the pros and cons when looking for a better plan for yourself.

All providers are the same


Too much paperwork to complete


Have too many products with one provider to change


The account is not in my name


Stuck in a contract


No alternatives in my location


When it came to saving money, this survey showed that consumers found more value in changing their plan than reducing their usage.

Whether you choose a fixed or mobile broadband package, finding the right deal will mean you get the most from your ISP (internet service provider). Compare different providers with our latest broadband ratings.

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