Amaysim giving away free NBN for a year

A growing number of service providers are choosing to bundle their products with the promise of combined savings – and one retailer is leading the way by offering customers FREE home internet for a YEAR provided they also sign up for energy.

Amaysim has launched its promotional deal across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, delivering internet savings of $840 over the 12 months.

New Amaysim customers who sign up to either electricity or natural gas will also get the retailer’s $70 a month unlimited data NBN plan free for the first year, provided they are NBN-ready.

The Standard Plus speed NBN plan is said to be ideal for HD video streaming, music streaming and online gaming.

After cementing itself as the biggest telco challenger to Telstra, Optus and Vodafone in recent years, Amaysim launched its energy offers in late 2017, having previously acquired existing electricity and gas retailer Click Energy, which continues to operate as a separate brand.

Julian Ogrin, CEO of Amaysim, said: “This is an exceptional opportunity for Australian consumers to combat increasing utility costs and to reduce their home internet bill annually.

“We are the only provider of simple home services including mobile plans, home internet, energy and tech and thanks to our unique business model this means we can offer fantastic value. Already loved by 800,000 homes, we now invite all of Australia to experience our home services.”

With no lock-in contracts on any Amaysim service, customers are free to close their electricity or gas account at any time. However, doing so within the first 12 months will mean they will need to start paying for their NBN service from that point onwards.

The offer is running from May 4 to May 20.

Provider^ Energy Product Conditional Discount Incentive
Amaysim Energy Electricity NBN 5%-9% depending on location Free NBN for 12 months

Source: Amaysim website May 2018

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Amaysim Electricity & Gas Explained

Amaysim Energy operates in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, with electricity available in each state, while gas is only provided in NSW and Victoria. All Amaysim Energy plans come with variable rates, meaning prices can change at any time. The plans also include large conditional discounts if customers pay their bills on time and by direct debit.

Like Amaysim’s mobile phone and internet products, its electricity and gas plans come with no lock-in contracts or exit fees.

The electricity plans included in the NBN promotion bring discounts of 8% in NSW, 5% in Victoria, 5% in Queensland and 9% in South Australia. The gas discounts are 5% in NSW and 5% in Victoria. Discounts apply to both usage and supply charges.

The offer is also open to solar power customers, with pay on time discounts of 5% in each state, plus varying retailer-funded feed-in tariffs of between 14 and 20 cents per kWh depending on location.

Canstar Blue’s electricity comparison tool shows that Amaysim is typically a price competitive retailer, but as always, it’s important to shop around, and compare specific usage and supply charges.

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