Public warning issued against Android Enjoyed

It seems that many consumers are not enjoying the online tech and gadget store Android Enjoyed, with the business again taking top spot in NSW Fair Trading’s monthly complaints register.

Android Enjoyed, owned by Digital Marketing and Solutions Pty Ltd, received 50 consumer complaints in March and 45 in February, while its other online retail store, Camera Sky, also received 28 complaints in March and 25 in February this year.

The majority of complaints made about Android Enjoyed were in regards to smartphones and accessories, while the remaining complaint tally related to laptops, tablets and gaming devices.

Minister for Better Regulation, Matt Kean, said the return appearance had prompted NSW Fair Trading to re-issue a public warning against the retailer.

“I’m focused on making sure that consumers are being put first in this state,” Mr Kean said. “That’s why I’ve directed Fair Trading to investigate what further action can be taken against Android Enjoyed, and its parent company.

“Their disappointing business practises are totally unacceptable, and consumers shouldn’t have to cop that.”

Companies owned by Digital Marketing and Solutions Pty Ltd have featured in the monthly complaints register on a total of 18 occasions. Previous records prompted Fair Trading to issue a public warning and enforceable undertaking against the organisation.

“Fair Trading has previously issued an enforceable undertaking against the company, and for a short time that appeared to be making a difference,” Mr Kean said.

“An enforceable undertaking is an alternative to prosecution through the courts, which can offer significantly greater benefits to the workplace, industry and community.

“But sadly it was short-lived, as they are not only back, but once again topping the list.”

The complaints register is published by NSW Fair Trading every month, listing businesses that are the subject of 10 or more complaints to the agency in a single calendar month. It assists consumers to make informed decisions as well as give businesses an incentive to improve customer service.

Why do people opt for online electronic stores?

A total of 19 businesses were featured in the latest register, with a combined complaint tally of 400. This month saw online electronics giant Kogan listed as the second most complained about company with 46 complaints, followed by controversial ticket reseller Viagogo with 31. Apple and Samsung both received 30.

Electronics store Harvey Norman dropped down to 29 complaints from previously attaining the top spot in the list with 39 complaints.

While shopping in-store rather than online has its advantages, a recent Canstar Blue survey found that a lack of sales staff was the greatest frustration for shoppers (23%) in-store. One in five (21%) consumers said pushy sales staff was their biggest gripe, while 18% said it was not having the items they wanted.

Online stores allow you to see exactly what’s in stock without being bombarded by sales staff. However, although heading online for your electronics might help avoid some frustration, it nevertheless gives rise to other problems with customer service.

The survey formed part of Canstar Blue’s 2017 customer satisfaction ratings for electronic retailers, with the Good Guys rated highest overall. The chain received five star reviews for its website, product range, store layout, price compared to others, and value for money.

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