Consumer News

Deleting Facebook decreases stress levels

Posted by April 4th 2018

A new study has revealed that quitting Facebook is beneficial not just to protect your private data, but your well-being too.

Australia Post hit with 1.1 million complaints

Posted by May 30th 2018

With online shopping on the rise, Aussies demand quick, cheap and reliable parcel delivery services, which Australia Post is not providing, according to a review.

Gift cards given extended expiry dates

Posted by May 30th 2018

Grocery giant Woolworths has announced that it is removing expiry dates from its gift cards, as new legislation is set to force retailers to extend expiration dates to at least three years. While a convenient gift …

Why sleeping in a dark room is better for your health

Posted by November 20th 2018

Even if you’re afraid of the dark, it might be time to turn off the lights and invest in blockout curtains, according to new research. A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology has found …

Woolworths supermarkets go plastic bag free

Posted by May 30th 2018

The days of taking several plastic bags home from the supermarket are coming to an end, with one of Australia’s biggest chains banning the bags from several stores following the Easter rush. Woolworths has revealed that …

Uber to launch carpool feature in Australia

Posted by May 30th 2018

Popular ride-sharing app Uber is set to unveil a new function that will allow users to split rides and fares with strangers. Called UberPOOL, it will allow users to save up to 50% on their trip …

Is this the end of estimated power bills?

Is this the end of estimated power bills?

Posted by June 21st 2019

The days of excessively high estimated power bills could be over – provided you can take a picture of your meter. While households with smart meters installed have their energy usage sent to their retailer for …

Study reveals the dirty truth about rubber duckies

Posted by February 28th 2019

You’d be ‘quackers’ to keep rubber ducks and other plastic toys in the bath, according to new research. A group of Swiss and US researchers have delved into "the dark side" of rubber ducks and found …