Consumer News

KFC plans to sell vegetarian fried chicken

Posted by June 13th 2018

Vegetarians rejoice: The Colonel could be introducing vegetarian options to KFC in the near future. In what seems to be distinctly un-KFC, the brand’s United Kingdom branch aims to have ‘healthier’ menu items available by 2020. This …

Why Domino’s Pizza is fixing potholes

Posted by June 13th 2018

If you’ve ever thought the potholes are bad in your town, a famous pizza chain could be on the way to fix them… In the United States, Domino’s has taken to fixing potholes in several counties …

Why Telstra regional coverage could be about to improve

Posted by July 5th 2018

If you’re living in a rural area of Australia, your Telstra coverage could be about to improve. That’s because Telstra has launched what is called the 4GX-lite Satellite Small Cell, which aims to help people receive …

Flavoured milk on par with lollies for sugar content

Posted by June 11th 2018

Flavoured milk, the drink of choice of tradies and families everywhere, has been found to have more than a recommended day’s worth of sugar per bottle, new analysis has found. The analysis, undertaken by The Heart …

WA Govt cracks the whip, wants 100Mbps minimum NBN speeds

Posted by June 11th 2018

If the Western Australian Government has its way, all residents in the state will get 100Mbps minimum internet speeds. The WA Government has argued that the Federal Government’s Statement of Expectations for the NBN should be …

Why you’ll be spending less time at Bunnings in future

Posted by June 11th 2018

Weekend trips to Bunnings are about to get a little quicker, with the home renovations retailer set to launch a supermarket-style ‘click & collect’ service across the country in the coming months. Following a successful trial …