How car wrapping is earning Aussie motorists extra cash

In recent years, many have taken advantage of the growing ‘share economy’, with ideas such as Uber and Airbnb allowing Australians to earn extra money on the side. Now a new player has entered the game, with Sydney start-up Wrappli giving drivers another option to earn extra cash while on the road – by driving around in cars sporting some of the country’s biggest brands.

Launched last year, Wrappli now boasts more than 2,600 registered drivers across Australia, with many earning extra cash without having to change any of their driving habits or routes.

The process works by Wrappli tracking the regular routes of drivers and then pairing them with brands who wish to advertise. Drivers then have the opportunity to have their cars wrapped in the advertising company’s branding, becoming a mobile billboard for the length of the campaign.

Drivers have the choice of full wraps, partial wraps, or rear wraps, with incentives ranging from $150 to $600 depending on the wrap, as well as how many kilometers they rack up. With no setup costs, drivers look to pocket some savings from simply running to the grocery store or dropping the kids off at school.

“We want to provide value to everyday drivers,” said Neil Kulkarni, Head of Social Media and Driver Acquisition at Wrappli. “We want to build a thriving driving community.”

Drivers will have to pass a background check before hitting the road, as well as drive a fully registered vehicle younger than eight years old. Once drivers are accepted, cars will be taken in to have their trackers installed, allowing Wrappli to pair advertisers with drivers for the most optimal coverage.

“Our larger clients and agencies are viewing Wrappli as a new and exciting medium for big impact brand communication. It can be used strategically to extend their outdoor campaigns into hard-to-reach places, and creatively, using whole wraps to stand out from their competition,” CEO and Co-Founder Suraj Vaghijiani said.

“Additionally, Wrappli enables advertisers to create interesting campaigns where they can mix and match the amount of wrapping on cars, tailoring campaigns to different budgets and even car types.”

With Wrappli boasting a service 60% cheaper than a traditional billboard, no doubt many advertisers will begin to turn towards the mobile advertising market.

How do I get involved?

Driver applications are available through the Wrappli website, with advertisers also recommended to contact the business through its online form.

“We were totally blown away by the [driver] response,” Mr Vaghjiani said following an initial Facebook campaign, with the company receiving more than 1,000 applications in the first day of advertising.

Guidelines, standards and FAQs are also available through the website.

“It is a fantastic way for brands to tell their story using everyday Aussie drivers,” added Mr Kulkarni.

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