Kogan boss pokes fun at Telstra after network outages

The boss of online retail giant and mobile service provider Kogan has poked fun at Telstra after its series of network outages in May.

Ruslan Kogan posted a message to his 230,000+ LinkedIn followers on Saturday highlighting the “fewer interruptions” ad campaign from Telstra – seemingly having a subtle dig at the telco giant’s high-profile outages throughout the month.

“The Telstra marketing team choosing to continue to pump ‘fewer interruptions’ as a key selling proposition is an interesting initiative,” the post said.

Mr Kogan shared the video of Telstra’s TV commercial that claims its network is more reliable, has fewer interruptions and has a 4G backup on its new Gateway Modem.

Telstra has suffered at least two high-profile mobile network outages over the last month. Last week, Telstra users in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane and Perth all reported their network was down.

Earlier in May, much of the network throughout the country failed and many 000 emergency calling services were not operational.

Telstra’s group managing director of networks, Mike Wright, told News.com.au that the two network failures were not linked.

“From around midday (21 May) we began to isolate some elements that were problematic in the network … we’re still finding the source of the problem itself, [but] we know what the effect was and were able to isolate some elements to restore service,” Mr Wright said.

Telstra customers took to social media to air their frustrations, with a number of users on Kogan’s post commenting and making fun of the “fewer interruptions” ad campaign.

“Big corporations lack agility to even realise that they’ve got it all wrong… I guess they think that time will pass and people will forget,” one user said.

“How low are consumer expectations in the telco market that slightly less crappy service is worth a TVC campaign,” another said.

Mr Kogan’s post was viewed more than 10,000 times.

In 2016, Telstra suffered a similar outage and subsequently briefly offered customers unlimited data by way of an apology.

Online retailer Kogan offers its own mobile phone plans, which use the Vodafone network.

It offers unlimited calls and texts plus 2GB data from just $16.90 per 30 days, with further discounts by prepaying for 90 or 365 days upfront.

What is the best mobile network in Australia?

Despite the high-profile outages in recent months – and years – Telstra arguably still has the widest-reaching mobile network in Australia. Currently, the telco has more mobile substations and points-of-interconnect (POIs) in regional areas.

In major regional hubs and capital cities, the three mobile networks – Telstra, Optus and Vodafone – have largely similar coverage quality. The three networks have also enlisted in the Federal Government Blackspot program, which aims to reduce network blackspots in regional areas.

In 2017, a Canstar Blue survey of postpaid mobile phone users revealed that Telstra customers found their network to be the best, scoring five stars for network coverage. Optus and Vodafone were rated three stars, while Optus network reseller Amaysim was rated four stars.

However, perceptions about network coverage were inconsistent across different phone plans types. Telstra network provider ALDI Mobile was rated highest for coverage in the prepaid plan ratings.

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