McDonald’s introduces an even bigger Big Mac

Maccas is introducing an even bigger Big Mac in Australia to celebrate the 50th year of the iconic burger.

Called the ‘Grand Big Mac’, the new dish is essentially a bigger Big Mac that we all know and love, with even more special sauce and more of everything.

It is not known exactly how much the bigger burger will cost yet, but in the United Kingdom it was sold for £3.99, or about $7.21 at the time of writing.

McDonald’s Australia marketing director, Jo Feeney, said that the burger should excite the tastebuds of Australians.

“We’re excited to be celebrating 50 years of the Big Mac, one of Maccas’ most popular burgers here and around the world. To celebrate this special occasion, we’re introducing the limited edition Grand Big Mac – giving our customers more of what they know and love,” Ms Feeney said.

CNBC in the US reported that the Grand Big Mac features two 2.7-ounce patties, or about 76 grams each patty. This is contrast to the traditional Big Mac, featuring two 1.6-ounce patties (about 45 grams each).

This limited edition run comes after the ‘new’ burger was introduced in the UK earlier this year, where stock was reportedly sold out in three days.

The press release for the burger’s limited run in Australia stated that: “The Grand Big Mac burger is packed full of all the classic Big Mac ingredients but with more special sauce over two larger 100 per cent Aussie beef patties, with more lettuce, cheese, and onions, all served on a larger sesame seed bun.”

What has been the subject of scrutiny over the years, the iconic burger has again hit the news a lot recently, but for slightly different reasons.

Don Gorske, who was featured in the documentary film Supersize Me, recently polished off his 30,000th Big Mac. In the documentary, it was revealed he eats one or more Big Macs a day with no fries or drink. He has been doing so since 1976. Would you trust the opinions of this man?

What about Maccas chips, though?

Fast food chips are the topic of much debate, with the major fast food chains having their groups of staunch chip loyalists.

In 2017, Canstar Blue research indicated that Oporto chips produced the most satisfied customers. Out of 10, it was rated 7.7. Other chains rated were:

  • Red Rooster – 7.6
  • Hungry Jacks – 7.4
  • KFC – 7.4
  • McDonald’s – 6.9

In what was a tight race, McDonald’s rounded out the list nationally. Maybe eating a Grand Big Mac without chips, like Don Gorske, isn’t so bad after all…

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