Lovin’ It: Aussies still hooked on McDonald’s food

It’s official – we love a Macca’s Run! Australians are more likely to visit McDonald’s than any other fast food restaurant, new data shows.

More than half of Australians (52.7%) eat at McDonald’s or buy takeaway Macca’s food in an average six months, according to research house Roy Morgan.

Its study shows that more than 17 million Aussies aged 14+ (84.5%) buy or eat takeaway food, whether from leading fast food outlets such as McDonald’s, KFC or Subway or from the local fish and chips shop, pizza shop, convenience store or the like.

McDonald’s was almost 12 percent ahead of second place favourite KFC on 40.8 per cent, followed by three chains at which just under a third of Australians eat at or have takeaway food – Subway (30.8%), Hungry Jack’s (29.0%) and Domino’s Pizza (28.3%).

Analysing the restaurants by customer generation, McDonald’s was found to be the favourite in every age group polled, with more than 60 per cent of both Millennials and Generation Z eating at Macca’s in an average six months.

Generation Z was found to be most “hooked” and likely to eat at McDonald’s (67.3%) and KFC (56%), while Pre-Boomers are the least likely to eat at either. Only 26.5% of Pre-Boomers eat at McDonald’s and only 15.1% eat at KFC.

Subway is the third most popular chain for Pre-Boomers (14.8%), Baby Boomers (21.3%) and Generation X (32.7%), while Hungry Jack’s comes in third for Generation Y on 36.9%, with Domino’s Pizza in third for Generation Z on 42.2%.

Michele Levine, Roy Morgan CEO, said: “Over 17 million Australians eat take away food and despite the burgeoning food choices available in recent years, McDonald’s remains clearly the most visited fast food restaurant in the country.”

The Roy Morgan report came just one day after researchers at Deakin University scored Australia’s 11 biggest fast food companies on their healthy eating policies, with Subway rated highest overall, while Domino’s Pizza was deemed the worst offender. McDonald’s was ranked second behind Subway.

Meal delivery services on the rise

Ms Levine says that Roy Morgan research shows the explosion of meal delivery services in recent years has barely impacted on Australia’s love of traditional fast food outlets such as McDonald’s, KFC, Subway and Hungry Jack’s.

Traditional fast food restaurants still hold sway for large numbers of Australians, but an increasing number do turn to the convenience of meal delivery services such as Uber Eats, Menulog and Foodora.

According to another Roy Morgan study, almost two million Australians aged 14+ (9.8%) currently use food delivery apps in an average three months.

“Advances in technology mean ordering food via an app on your mobile phone is easier than ever. To remain relevant when services including gourmet food experiences are quite literally at your fingertips, quick service restaurants need to understand their customers and provide for their needs, wants and desires better than ever before,” Ms Levine said.

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