Optus breaks Aussie 5G speed record

Aussie phone networks are set to get faster, with Optus the latest telco to announce a successful trial of its 5G platform.

In partnership with Huawei, Optus claims it achieved the fastest speeds of a single user transmission over 5G in Australia so far.

It comes just a couple of weeks after Vodafone performed a successful trial of its 5G network, in partnership with Nokia, and Telstra announced its 2G mobile network will be shutting down.

The Optus trial took place in Sydney and reached a single user transmission rate of 35Gbps over the 73 GHz band. The objective of the trial, Optus says, was to explore spectrum efficiency at millimetre wave frequencies above 30GHz, which will be crucial to realising the promise of 5G networks.

Dennis Wong, acting Managing Director, Optus Networks said: “Australia is well positioned to take a pioneering role in the development of 5G technologies globally. We believe Optus, as one of the Australasia’s leading telecommunications and entertainment providers, has the partnerships and the expertise to take a leadership position.

“The possibilities with 5G are endless. Through our strategic partnership with Huawei we are undertaking the necessary preparation, testing and trials to tackle the 5G opportunity head on.”

What’s next?

Optus is working to lay the building blocks for Next Generation 5G networks – which will provide the capability to download a 1080p movie in seconds – and enable things such as massive Internet of Things, extreme broadband and ultra-low latency applications.

In October 2016, Optus implemented Cloud Baseband technology with Huawei which pushed peak speeds through inter-site carrier aggregation at the AFL Grand Final. Later in 2017, Optus says it will deploy a Coordinated Heterogeneous Network and trial Massive MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output).

These technologies are a pre-cursor to 5G’s Joint Reception and Massive MIMO concept.

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