New puncture-free tyres could save lives on the road

A new “self-healing” car tyre is being heralded as a potential life-saver, putting an end to often dangerous tyre-changes by the side of the road.

The puncture-free tyre, known as the ASV-P free tyre, is set to provide additional safety for motorists through self-sealing gel, allowing any punctures suffered while driving to be repaired almost instantly, with little affect on the driver or safety of their passengers.

Produced by ASV Euro Car Parts, the Australian-made, puncture-free tyre is said to be a world-first and was patented last year. The ASV-P free tyre is now available for Aussie motorists to buy.

“The ASV-P free tyre is a huge leap forward in safety-first technology,” ASV CEO Aron Soghomonian said.

The tyre’s sealing gel comprises of three essential ingredients, as well as a thermoplastic elastomer, resin and rubber processing in addition to extender oil. When punctured by a foreign object such as a nail, the gel seals around the puncture, even if the object becomes dislodged.

Despite the puncture, the tyre remains inflated without a change in tyre pressure, ensuring that there is no impact on driving safety or car performance.

While existing run-flat tyres can last for up to 100km before they need replacing, drivers with the ASV-P free tyre may not have to visit a service center until the end of the tyre’s life.

The new tyre is also tipped to have a major impact on the auto industry as a whole, with ASV suggesting that vehicle-reliant industries such as taxis and emergency services could benefit hugely.

“Our clients include some of the most demanding time critical first response units,” said ASV Brand Development Manager Brent Smaill. “Tyre failure [can] cost missions.

“Similarly, commercial vehicles together with the hire car and taxi industries experience loss of revenue caused by the lost productivity and costs associated with a single puncture.”

For consumers, ASV currently offers a variety of tyres, all with a three-year or 40,000km warranty, with a lifetime warranty on the special gel application.

The ASV-P free range includes a variety of threads for 4WDs, small cars and luxury cars, with the company planning to move into other areas. Widths range from 185mm to 245mm, with tyre diameters ranging from 14in to 19in.

Prices range from $181 to $341 per tyre depending on the specification.

How to keep your tyres in good shape

For drivers, changing a spare tyre has always been something we’ve been trained for but hopefully have never had to do. Being stuck on the side of the road, whether it’s a busy highway or a lonely dirt road, a punctured tyre can ruin your day, as well as put you at risk of being hit by passing vehicles.

With its new tyre technology now available, ASV aims to help lower roadside death tolls and accidents around the country. But motorists can also improve their safety by taking care of their traditional tyres, with 23% of respondents to a recent Canstar Blue survey stating that they had experienced a tyre blow out while driving. Here are a few tips to help make your tyres last, and help keep you safe:

  • Rotating your tyres can help keep the treads more balanced, helping stability and control
  • Unaligned wheels can unevenly wear down tyres, so be sure to have your tyres aligned
  • Always inspect your tread before a trip, as low tread can impact your braking abilities
  • Tyre pressure can also impact how your car responds, as well as the tyre’s longevity

With 49% of survey respondents also indicating that they delayed buying new tyres as long as possible, it won’t hurt to look into a new set sooner rather than later.

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