Another million vehicles added to Takata airbag recall list

The consumer watchdog is set to add another million vehicles to the Takata airbag compulsory recall list, bringing the national total to four million.

The cars added to the new ‘future recall’ list include the Audi A-5, Ford Mondeo, Holden Cruze, Mercedes-Benz C Class, Subaru Impreza, Toyota Yaris Sedan and Skoda Octavia, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has advised.

Even luxury vehicles such as the Tesla Model S, Jaguar XF and Ferrari California have been added to this latest round of recalls.

The future recall list includes vehicles that are not yet under active recall, but will be subject to future recalls by their manufacturer.

A compulsory recall of vehicles with defective Takata airbags was ordered in February 2018 following an extensive investigation by the ACCC.

The consumer watchdog has revealed that about 25,000 of the most dangerous, older Takata airbags known as ‘alpha bags’ are still on the road.

The Takata alpha bags contain a defective gas that has the potential to explode and spray shrapnel at passengers.

Consumers are encouraged to check to see if their vehicle’s airbags have been recalled.

“We know there will be a few further recalls in the coming month which we are just in the process of negotiating,” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickards told the ABC.

“So when people visit they should sign up for the free recall notifications and that way they will see whether their vehicle is added to the list.”

The ACCC is urging those affected by these recalls not to be complacent in getting their airbags fixed.

If your car is on the active recall list, the ACCC says to stop driving immediately and contact your manufacturer or dealer to arrange for them to tow the vehicle away so they can replace the faulty airbag.

Recall needs to be taken seriously

It’s reported that Takata airbags have been responsible for more than 230 injuries and at least 23 deaths worldwide, including one fatality in Australia.

“Please don’t be complacent,” Ms Rickards said. “This is a really serious recall, take it seriously, commit right now to check the website and take action this week.”

The global Takata airbag recall is the biggest recall in automotive history and is said to have affected more than 100 million vehicles worldwide.

Drivers of vehicles involved in the future recall group will be notified by email, phone or text message when it is time for their replacement to be completed, Assistant Minister to the Treasurer Michael Sukkar said.

“My message to all Australian drivers is do not ignore or delay responding to a letter from your vehicle manufacturer asking you to have airbags replaced,” Mr Sukkar said in a statement.

“If you don’t have your car’s airbag replaced, you are taking a serious risk in terms of your safety.”

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