TK Maxx to open 35 stores in Australia

The Australian retail landscape looks set for a shakeup, with discount chain TK Maxx confirming its launch Down Under in April.

TK Maxx will reportedly convert all 35 existing Trade Secret stores into TK Maxx, in addition to opening a handful of new stores throughout the year.

TK Maxx already operates across the United States, the UK and mainland Europe, specialising in cheap clothing and homeware. It’s expected to provide stiff competition to the likes of Target, Big W and Kmart.

TK Maxx spokesperson Tessa Buenen told Inside Retail: “We wouldn’t comment on the competition, but what we can say is that we believe we have a fabulous store that offers customers a unique selection of merchandise with an exciting shopping experience, and we think customers here will absolutely love it.

“Australian shoppers are extremely savvy and value orientated, so we think our offer is going to be a winning formula here. Our stores are bright, modern, easy-to-shop, and we have a flexible store layout.”

TK Maxx sells a huge assortment of big names, major brands, up-and-coming labels and ‘one-offs’ at a discounted price to that of a typical department store.

“We expect Australian shoppers will love TK Maxx, just as we have experienced across the UK and Europe,” said Buenen. “There’s certainly lots of expats and Australians here who are already familiar with the brand so we’re excited to bring TK Maxx to Australian shores.”

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