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There’s no shortage of great-value mobile phone plans if all you need or want is around 1GB of data to use per month. You always hear stories in the media about big-data phone plans or plans bundled with the latest smartphones, but sometimes less is more and you’ll get a great SIM-Only deal at a fraction of the price. If your data demands are fairly modest – or you just want to keep costs down – read on for our comparison of phone plans with 1GB of data.

1GB Plans with Short Expiry Periods

There are many cheap and cheerful phone plans around, but the catch is often that they only come with short expiry periods. Be sure to check this before you dive into what you think is a great deal. However, short expiry periods can suit some people – if you’re one of them, Coles Mobile and Boost Mobile might be worth your consideration. Both offer plans with 1GB data, as well as unlimited talk & text:

The Coles Mobile plan has a 10-day expiry period, while the Boost Mobile deal lasts 7 days, so on the face of it you could say the Coles plan is better value. But be sure to consider the mobile networks that these telcos use – Coles operates from the Optus network, while Boost Mobile piggybacks on the Telstra network. If you have a preference for one network or the other, this could sway things for you.

  • Over 30 days, the Coles Mobile plan gives you 3GB data for $30
  • Over 28 days, the Boost Mobile plan gives you 4GB data for $40

If you’re simply going to recharge after every short expiry period, the value is diminished and you’d be better off with a month-long plan. You will find deals out there with much more data, if you’re willing to spend upwards of $30. The above plans are best-suited to those who want to switch their plans off and on.

Prepaid Phone Plans with 1GB Data

Prepaid plans provide the ultimate flexibility for mobile users just looking for a worry-free phone plan – there are no extra charges if you exceed your data limit and you can always take a break from your service if you want to save money.

There are several carriers offering awesome-value prepaid plans with 1GB of data. However, you will find that call and text inclusions are often limited. If you can get a cheap plan with 1GB of data and unlimited talk & text over 28 or 30 days you’ve done very well. This is what’s currently on offer from Amaysim, LycaMobile, OVO Mobile and Boost Mobile.

OVO Mobile impresses with its 1GB data for under $10, but it comes with only $200 of included call value. It does, however, include unlimited text messages which boost the overall value proposition. Perhaps the pick of the bunch is the $10 plan from Amaysim, bringing 1GB data as well as unlimited talk & text. It will be hard to beat that! Make sure you check expiry times though – of those mentioned above, only the OVO Mobile plan comes over 30 days. The rest are 28 days.

Postpaid Phone Plans with 1GB Data

Postpaid plans arguably provide the greatest convenience of all plan types, not least because you’ll never run out of data. If you reach your monthly limit, you will simply be charged for any excess data used. This comes with its potential pitfalls of course, but if you’re looking for a good ‘set and forget’ plan, postpaid is likely best for you.

You’ll also find some great-value postpaid plans with 1GB of data. And unlike many low-cost prepaid plans, you should also expect to get unlimited calls and texts thrown into the mix for a fairly low price. As the table below shows, some of the standout providers in this regard are Moose Mobile, Dodo, CMobile and Amaysim once again.

Amaysim is again hard to beat, but you won’t be getting a bad deal from any of them. The only downside to Amaysim is that its plans have a 28-day expiry, as opposed to 30 days with most other carriers. This is worth keeping in mind as, if you have 13 billing cycles a year instead of 12, you might not be getting quite the value you think you are.

The postpaid plans mentioned above come with no lock-in contracts. However, if you’re happy to commit to 12 months, the likes of Jeenee Mobile and Southern Phone are also worth a look. Both have 1GB plans for $10 or less.

Other notable mentions around 1GB plans

While this review focuses on phone plans with 1GB of data, it’s worth pointing out that you may get an even better deal if you’re willing to spend a little extra to get slightly more for your money. The three plans below from Vaya, Kogan Mobile and Exetel all come with 1.5GB of data and unlimited talk & text.

iPhone X Plans with 1GB Data

So, we’ve discussed SIM-Only prepaid and postpaid plans, but what about the mother of all phone plans – bundled handset plans? You may be surprised to learn that plans with just 1GB of data are common in this space, even when you bundle in one of the hottest new smartphones around. However, when it comes to the iPhone X (64GB), Virgin Mobile is the only telco with a 1GB plan.

Are 1GB phone plans good value?

If your data demands are fairly modest and you make good use of Wi-Fi, then a 1GB phone plan for around $10 a month represents great value, especially if you’re also getting unlimited talk & text. As we mentioned above, plans with a short of expiry period can actually become quite expensive over the course of a month, so if you’re going to be using your phone more often than not, it’s best to subscribe to a standard monthly (28 or 30-day) plan.

Plans and prices can change quickly, so make sure you keep an eye out for the next greatest deal. The carriers mentioned in this review are often some of the most price competitive around, but be sure to compare a wide range of options and you’re sure to get awesome value.

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