Alcatel launches three new cheap phones in Australia

In case you’ve been in the market for a super cheap and reliable phone, Alcatel has put three new devices on the market here in Australia – the Alcatel 3L, the Alcatel 1V and the Alcatel 1B, with all three set to become available through Vodafone.

On top of this announcement, buying these units will also come with Vodafone SIM credit. If your phone has been dying recently, but you don’t want to break the bank on a new device, you should certainly consider the new phones detailed here. We’ll be going through the specs of each of these units.

Alcatel 3L, Alcatel 1V and Alcatel 1B: key specifications

The Alcatel 3L, 1V and 1B might be similar sounding phones, and being released on the same day it might be easy to confuse the bunch, but we can break it down for you. The common theme between these devices is that they’re all budget phones – they don’t have super-sophisticated technology under the hood, but they’re cheap and they’ll get the job done. Here’s some basic features:

  • The 3L and the 1V both come with Face Key and a Fingerprint sensor
  • The 3L and the 1V both have 6.22″ HD+ 19:9 Vast Display screens (1B has a 5.5″ HD+ 18:9 screen)
  • All three come with a Vodafone SIM pack with different sizes
  • These are budget phones, which means they have an awesome price but with pretty average specifications

Alcatel Budget Phones 2020


Alcatel 3L

The Alcatel 3L is Alcatel’s new high-end model, and comes strapped with an awesome range of great budget specifications.

  • Back Camera: 48MP + 5MP + 2MP camera combination on the back, great for getting wide angle shots and portrait shots
  • Front Camera: 8MP camera, great for selfies
  • Screen: 6.22″ HD+ 19:9 Vast Display with U Notch
  • Battery: 4,000mAh size, which should last all day
  • Processor: MT6762 Octa-core, a great general use processor for basic games and phone use.
  • Starts at $199 and includes a $40 Vodafone SIM packThe Alcatel 3L Blue Budget Phone

Alcatel 1V

The Alcatel 1V is Alcatel’s newest mid-range phone. It comes packed with a great set of standard phone tech specs, and is definitely worth considering for the price.

  • Back Camera: 13MP + 5MP camera, great for close shots and general use photos
  • Front Camera: 5MP camera on the front, fine for selfies
  • Battery: 4,000mAh size, should work all day
  • Processor: MT6762D Octa-core CPU, great for basic games and all-round performance
  • Starts at $149 with a $30 Vodafone SIM pack


Alcatel 1B

The Alcatel 1B is a no-nonsense budget phone, with tech catering to someone not looking to spend a lot on a phone. While you shouldn’t expect an outstanding performance with this phone, it will get the job done, and at a sub-$100 price it’s worth keeping an eye on.

  • Back Camera: 8MP camera, great for basic photos
  • Front Camera: 5MP camera, a standard selfie camera
  • Battery: 3,000mAh size, with should work for most of the day
  • Processor: 4Core 1.3GHz, great for basic phone use
  • Runs Android Q Go Edition to cater for its lower-spec hardware
  • Starts at $99 with a $10 Vodafone SIM pack

Back and Front of Alcatel 1B Black

Vodafone SIM Packs Included

Each of these phones comes with a bonus Vodafone SIM pack. The Alcatel 3L comes with a $40 Vodafone SIM pack, the 1V comes with a $30 SIM pack and the 1B comes with a $10 SIM pack. These deals are a great way of getting started with a new phone plan, and don’t add to the price of the overall unit.

If you like Vodafone, especially after trying out the included SIM, you should consider a Vodafone SIM-only phone plan.

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Picking a phone plan

If you’re in the market for a new phone, you should also start thinking about your current plan. There’s plenty of great mobile plans on the market right now that you should consider, and these SIM only phone plans are worth looking at.

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