ALDI selling iPhones as Special Buys


If you can’t get enough of ALDI Special Buys then you’ll be pleased to know that for this week starting Wednesday (23 August), the cut-price supermarket chain is selling refurbished iPhone 5Ss for $349.

For the next week you can purchase a 16GB iPhone 5S, which comes refurbished. While this is not new stock exactly, refurbished phones have been professionally reset and cleaned… and refurbished phones have not been used ‘much’. They also come with a warranty, unlike merely ‘used’ stock. It should work like new, but keep in mind it has probably been in someone else’s hands before yours.

The iPhone 5S was released in 2013, meaning it’s a couple of generations old now. Since the 5S, Apple has released the 6, the 6S and now the 7, and also the SE, which is for those who liked the size of the 5S but with modern specs. 16GB of storage was the minimum with the 5S, and by today’s standards is a bit minimalist, especially when you consider the iPhone 7 comes with up to 256GB of storage. The iPhone 8 will likely only improve upon this.

  • The iPhone 5S comes with a 4” screen, 1GB RAM, an 8mp primary camera and a 1.2mp front-facing camera for selfies

Nevertheless, ALDI’s Special Buy iPhone for $349 is certainly an enticing option if you’re after a cheap handset. Also in the catalogue is a 40” TV for $379 and some Bluetooth headphones for $40. However, arguably the most interesting special buy is the iPhone – you could even bundle it with an ALDI Mobile plan and walk out of the store with your new service ready to roll.

Could you bundle an ALDI mobile plan with an iPhone 5S?

While there are no specific bundling opportunities, in reality you could easily pick up the iPhone in an ALDI store and also purchase a SIM card while you’re at it – this includes the 1 Year Superpack for $249 if it’s still available in your local store. ALDI Mobile has cheap PAYG rates, as well as cheap ‘Value’ plans as seen below. You could get 7GB data, unlimited calls & texts and some international credit for $35 a month, for example. If you’re after a cheap plan and a cheap phone, either as a spare or as your main mobile, stepping into an ALDI store may provide what you’re after.

Should I go nuts for an ALDI-sold iPhone?

ALDI selling iPhones is an interesting move and it will be interesting to see if the discount supermarket chain offers similar phones for sale in future Special Buys  Granted, it’s a phone that’s from a few years ago, and one that’s been refurbished, but if you’ve recently broken your phone and looking for a cheap replacement, this could be it.

Alternatively, if you want to save a few bucks, bundling it with an ALDI mobile phone plan can also be a cheap and easy way to get an iPhone and a plan with lots of data for a relatively low price. This iPhone offering is a peculiar move from ALDI, but to say it’ll be a popular one is an understatement.

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