Amaysim extends COVID-19 relief, offers bonus and unlimited data

Back in March, Amaysim announced an initial assistance package to help customers stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with Australians still staying home in an effort to flatten the curve and keep their communities safe, Amaysim has extended its original extra data offer, giving all existing customers bonus gigabytes for the next two months – including unlimited data.

From 1 May, 2020, through to 30 June, 2020, all prepaid Amaysim customers will receive the following bonus data each month, at no extra cost:

  • $10 SIM plan: 10GB bonus data
  • $20 SIM plan: 20GB bonus data
  • $30 SIM plan: 30GB bonus data
  • $40 SIM plan: Unlimited data
  • $50 SIM plan: Unlimited data

Customers on the $10, $20, and $30 SIM plans will receive up to 30GB of extra data each month, while $40 and $50 plan customers will be automatically upgraded to unlimited full-speed gigabytes. Bonus data will automatically be applied to your account on the first day of May and June, so there’s no need to opt in or sign up.

It’s not the first time Amaysim has offered unlimited data to eligible customers: before the current pandemic, Amaysim’s ‘endless data’ summer promotion gave customers on selected plans unlimited full-speed gigabytes for three months. For customers working, studying or isolating at home, unlimited 4G data could be an alternative to household fixed-line internet such as NBN, which is currently feeling the pressure thanks to increased traffic and network congestion.

If you’re not currently an Amaysim mobile customer, you can also score discounted renewals on the telco’s two newly-announced plans. New customers will receive 50% or more off their first renewal on the following prepaid SIM-only options:

  • $10 SIM plan with 2GB: $5 for first renewal
  • $30 SIM plan with 35GB: $10 for first renewal

The following table shows all published Amaysim plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of standard monthly cost, from the lowest to highest and then by data allowance, largest to smallest. Use our comparison tool to see plans from a range of providers. This is a selection of products with links to a referral partner.

In addition to a monthly 4G data allowance, all Amaysim plans include unlimited standard national talk and text in Australia, with plans of $30 and up also including unlimited international standard calls and texts to 19 selected countries. Amaysim’s $40 and $50 plans also include a further 300 minutes of standard calls each month to an additional 13 countries.

Stay connected, without data worries

Amaysim joins other major telcos – including Telstra, Vodafone, and Optus – in offering extra support and inclusions to customers during the current coronavirus outbreak. According to Amaysim, customer data usage has risen by 30% in March when compared to February, with a massive 36% spike over the Easter break.

“We’ve reviewed the data usage over the past two months, and we can see that data is what our customers value the most during this challenging time,” said Amaysim CEO and co-founder, Peter O’Connell.

“With that in mind we’re giving all our customers additional data, across all of our plans, to ensure everyone is able to stay connected without having to worry about data limits during this period.”

In addition to offering extra data, Amaysim is also opening its financial hardship policy to customers who are struggling with the economic impacts of the pandemic. Customers are encouraged to apply online and submit forms and documentation by email, mail, or fax, rather than attempt to contact via phone.

As we reported last month, government restrictions in the Philippines have impacted telcos with Manila-based customer service, including Amaysim. Currently, Amaysim isn’t offering support via call centres, but customers can seek assistance through live chat and email between 9am – 6pm AEST weekdays, and 10am – 5.30pm AEST Saturday and Sunday.

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