Android upgrade could end telemarketing calls


Answering an unknown number is always a bit of a risk, as more often than not, it’s a telemarketing call, offering you something you don’t need. Despite the ‘Do Not Call’ lists, telemarketers always seem to find a way to reach us. But with a new update on the way, telemarketing calls may become a thing of the past.

Android’s latest update, labelled ‘Android P’, is set to host a range of new features, including what will be known as the ‘Enhanced Call Blocking’ feature. The feature, which looks to build upon the current blocking capabilities, will allow users to block calls from numbers that aren’t currently in your contact list, calls from payphones, or if the number does not have any caller ID information.

The function could also boast additional settings, meaning you’ll be able to customise how and when you block numbers. Reports also indicate that the call blocking function will be disabled after the user places an emergency call, allowing emergency services to call users if need be.

Currently, users are only able to block numbers either after they have already contacted you, or after you’ve manually entered the number into your phone and selected the block function. With the new upgrade, the feature looks to block the number outright, meaning that you won’t be disturbed by any suspicious phone calls.

The new feature looks to be revealed later this year.

Aussies and smartphones

A recent Canstar Blue survey of smartphone users found that just over half of us always buy the same brand of smartphone. Overall, 56% of respondents confessed to their smartphone loyalty, with those aged 18 to 29 the most likely to always buy the same brand (67%).

Familiarity was found to be the most common reason for users to always buy the same brand (61%), with fewer than half of respondents (46%) declaring their brand the best around.

Overall, 15% of survey respondents said they upgrade their smartphone every year – the majority (59%) doing so simply because they like to have the latest device. However, one in three (33%) put it down to their telco offering a new deal whenever a new handset rolls around. A further 13% identified social pressure as their main reason for upgrading every year.

The survey also asked users how they acquired their latest smartphone, with a small majority of 54% buying outright, while the rest signed up to a contact to pay off the cost gradually.

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