Boost Mobile bonus data: 23GB extra on prepaid plans


In news sure to excite those who love their phone data (especially if you frequently find yourself going over your current limit), Boost Mobile has ‘boosted’ its bonus data offering on the first five recharges on selected SIM-only prepaid phone plans.

On the $30, $40, $50 and $70 prepaid plans, you’ll now get a whopping 23GB of bonus data on your first five recharges. This means for the 28-day billing period on the current $30 plan, in addition to the 12GB data allowance, you’ll get 35GB in total for those first five recharges — that’s almost triple the data! On the $40 plan, this will increase your 22GB of data up to 45GB; the $50 plan increases from 32GB to 55GB; and on the $70 plan, you’ll see it jump from 52GB up to 75GB.

This is great news if you’ve been on the lookout for a prepaid SIM-only deal, especially for keeping entertained over the upcoming Christmas and Summer Holiday breaks. Boost Mobile plans also include unlimited data-free streaming from Apple Music, and unlimited international calls to 10 countries on plans of $30 or more. You’ll also get to roll over any unused data through to the following recharge.

Boost Mobile is covered by the Telstra 4G network, so you’ll find that coverage is widespread across Australia. While Boost Mobile’s bonus data is a great offer if you’re after a prepaid deal, the promotion will end 25 February, 2019, so you need to get in quick.

Although Boost Mobile does provide plenty of bonuses if you’re data hungry, there are also deals on offer from other providers. With more telcos offering big chunks of data for a lot less money than previously, there are plenty of deals around this time of year.

Data competition

Vodafone has some great offers on prepaid Combo Starter Packs that are valid until 31 January, 2019. While the base data allowance with the $30 prepaid plan starts at 6GB, you’ll get 24GB of bonus data; on the $50 prepaid plan, you’ll get a bonus 20GB of data added onto the 30GB allowance. And if you get in quick on the $40 prepaid starter pack, Vodafone is currently offering this plan at half price for just $20 a month, until 27 November. You’ll also get an additional 23GB of data on top of the base 17GB — that’s a total 40GB of data. 

Not to be outdone, Telstra is offering an extra 10GB of data on its Pre-Paid Max plans for the first five recharges. All you need to do to make the most of this offer is to make your first recharge before 25 February, 2019, and use your other recharges by 30 June, 2019. The $50 plan starts with 28GB of data, while the $60 plan has 38GB data. Add on the bonus 10GB for five recharges, and you’ll have plenty of data to keep you entertained.

Deals from smaller providers

Catch Connect features plans that run across 30 days, 90 days, or even 365 days, so you do have flexibility in terms of your billing period. Currently, the telco is running a special offer, which is available via the links in the above table – you’ll be able to get the 90 Day 45GB plan for $89, as well as the 30 Day 32GB plan for $49.90. Keep in mind that if you do opt for one of the long expiry plans, you’ll need to stay on top of your data usage. If you’re consistently getting through a large amount each month, it would probably be more manageable to opt for a 30-day plan.

Finally, OVO Mobile is also offering bonus data deals on select prepaid plans, valid until 31 January, 2019. On the Large plan, you’ll get an extra 10GB of data in addition to the 15GB allowance, for only $34.95. On the Extra Large plan, you’ll double your data with the 20GB bonus on top of the 20GB allowance, for just $49.95.

While bonus data is great, keep in mind that these offers will only run for a set amount of time. You’ll need to look at the base data allowance on the plans first, and ensure that it will be enough data for your needs once your bonus gigabytes run out. If you know you’ll need at least 20GB of data over the billing cycle, you should start with a plan that will offer that as a base without any deals or bonuses. That way, you know your data needs will be covered, bonus or no bonus.

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