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Review of Xtreme Telecom mobile phone plans

Have you ever felt like your phone plan needs to be a bit more Xtreme? No, not ‘extreme’ – ‘Xtreme’. Dropping the E is more extreme. Phone plans can be a pretty boring thing to purchase, but they don’t have to be. Xtreme Telecom is a small Aussie telco offering NBN plans, as well as SIM-only postpaid, month to month mobile phone plans. Xtreme stands out in the landscape for being a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) with plans on both the Telstra and Optus networks. So read on and get the skinny on what XTreme has to offer.

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Xtreme Telecom Mobile Phone Plans

XTreme Telecom has a total of seven mobile phone plans – four on the Optus network and three on the Telstra network. All come with standard unlimited calls and texts, and prices determine how much data you get, as well as international calls.

Network What’s Included Price Per Month
Optus 1.5GB data, $50 international calls $30
5GB data, $300 international calls $40
10GB data, $500 international calls $60
90GB 3G data $80
Telstra 4GB data, 100 international minutes $45
7GB data, 300 international minutes $55
10GB data, 300 international minutes $65

Source: Xtreme Telecom website

All of Xtreme’s plans come on month to month contracts as standard, but by signing up to 12 or 24 month contracts you stand to ‘lock in’ some deals that it provides from time to time. International calls are also available, with plans on the Optus network offering dollar amounts, and Telstra network plans offering minute amounts – pick your poison.

  • Included countries are the USA, UK, and Canada as well as popular European and Asian nations.

Beyond that, both uploads and downloads are counted towards your data limit, which is not uncommon among telcos, and excess data is charged at $12/gigabyte. So you’ve got the rundown of Xtreme’s plans – let’s just see how extremely it stacks up to other telcos.

How do Xtreme phone plans compare to other providers?

XTreme Telecom offers an extremely interesting range of mobile phone plans both on the Optus and Telstra networks, but there may be some other MVNOs out there offering more for less. Find out how XTreme stacks up below.

Plans under $30 compared

  • 5GB data, unlimited calls & texts, $50 international credit

For around the $20-$30 mark, users opting for an MVNO stand to receive a lot of value these days, with 2GB plus unlimited calls & texts pretty much coming as standard. While Xtreme does include overseas calling credit, it is not alone in this regard. SpinTel also includes $50 credit here, and if you’re willing to spend closer to $30 there are providers out there offering quite a bit if you wish to call overseas. In this price range, Jeenee Mobile, Vaya, Spintel and Bendigo Bank Telco all stand out for offering some pretty nifty plans.

Plans under $50 compared

  • 5GB data, unlimited calls & texts, $300 international credit on the Optus network
  • 4GB data, unlimited calls & texts, 100 international minutes on the Telstra network

In this realm, other providers offer more data for a slightly cheaper price. Jeenee Mobile and Bendigo Bank Telco are both noteworthy contenders again, and popular provider Amaysim comes into the fray. It’s hard to look past Moose Mobile, however, which offers 10GB for less than $40 a month. All offer some form of international calls, too.

Plans under $60 compared

  • 10GB data, unlimited calls & texts, $500 international credit on the Optus network
  • 7GB data, unlimited calls & texts, 300 international minutes on the Telstra network

If you’re willing to spend at least $50, there are providers out there offering incredible amounts of data, but the main catch is usually they like to sign you up for 12 months. Big providers such as Virgin Mobile and Vodafone come into the picture here, while it’s still tough to beat Jeenee and Amaysim. All offer some form of international credit, as well as data to the tune of at least 10GB.

$65 plan compared

  • 10GB data, unlimited calls & texts, 300 international minutes on the Telstra network

If you can budget over $60 a month for a phone plan, you can rightfully expect to receive a lot of value and other perks in return. All the ‘Big 4’ providers are tough to beat here – Virgin, Vodafone, Optus and Telstra. All tend to offer big data bonuses from time to time, and extra perks including international call value, data rollover, rewards points, data-free music streaming and other things. If you’re spending this much,  you may find it’s worthwhile to go with one of these providers, but keep in mind many want you to sign up for 12 months.

$80 3G plan compared

For just 80 big ones you might be gasping at the sheer amount of data on offer – 90GB – but surprisingly Xtreme is not alone in offering big data plans for relatively cheap prices. The main catch with these plans are they are 3G-only and all on the Optus network. 3G is yesterday’s technology, and if you can stomach slightly slower speeds you stand to receive a lot of data for the price. Providers to offer similar deals are Jeenee Mobile, SpinTel and Moose Mobile, as well as Exetel. All offer 90GB of data for around the $80-a month mark, but some are slightly cheaper so it pays to weigh up your options here.

Is an Xtreme Telco phone plan extreme value for money?

Xtreme Telco is a small Aussie telco with an interesting proposition – phone plans across both the Telstra and Optus networks. All plans come with unlimited calls & texts as standard, which already makes it a pretty compelling option if shopping around. However, the question remains – can you find more data for the price? The answer is most likely yes, as MVNOs have created somewhat of a ‘price war’ to see who can offer the most amount of data for the cheapest price.

While Xtreme is certainly no slouch, it is not usually the cheapest telco out there, and plans change seemingly monthly, so telcos have to be on their toes! The sheer amount of competition out there is only good news for consumers, so it pays to shop around – there are some extremely good deals out there.

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