Things to consider when choosing a mobile phone plan


Optus LogoSign up to a phone plan or keep your options open with a prepaid card? It can be a difficult decision – especially when there are reams of detail to wade through for every plan and prepaid option you want to consider. According to Canstar Blue research, 74% of survey respondents with a mobile phone plan believed it to be better value for money than a prepaid option – but of course, there’s value and then there’s great value and the important thing is choosing a plan that suits your own needs.

Canstar Blue caught up with Optus for a quick Q&A on all things prepaid and plan-like.

Q: When it comes to choosing a phone plan, what are some of the main considerations?

A: One of the first things to think about is; how often do you use your phone? We know there are some customers who may not use their phone everyday so we have our great My Prepaid Plans that make sure you get great value for the days you use your phone, and don’t pay anything for the days you don’t.

It’s also helpful to look at what you like to use your phone for. If you love downloading music or watching clips online while out and about, then you need a plan that gives you the freedom to use as much data as you want, without the worry.

We recommend customers shop around for the best value plans to suit their usage needs. Optus offers a range of inclusions across our prepaid and postpaid plans including standard calls, SMS and MMS services, international calls and premium services. Customers can take their phone bills from the last three months in store so an Optus representative can help find the best plan to suit their needs.

Q: With Netflix arriving and the increasing amount of data we collectively download, how important is it to consider your possible future use of mobile technology as opposed to simply the here and now?

A: At Optus, we have taken steps to ensure our customers have the freedom to use their data without the worry of bill shock.

  • All Optus postpaid mobile customers receive SMS alerts once they’ve reached 50%, 85% and 100% of their voice, SMS and data usage.
  • We also encourage customers to check their usage regularly via My Account online or the My Optus app.
  • Optus’ My Plan Plus provides customers with greater certainty over the cost of data. If they use more data than their monthly inclusions, we automatically give them extra data at a cost of $10 per 1 GB.

It’s really important for phone users to look at which plan is going to be the right plan for them.

Interestingly, while Canstar Blue’s research did find that 74% of those on a mobile phone plan believe it to be better value than prepaid – the opposite is also true! A full 78% of survey respondents on a prepaid option felt it to be better value than a plan. It truly is horses for courses.

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