Felix mobile launches new refer a friend offer

Telcos offering discounts or incentives to ‘refer a friend’ to sign up is nothing new. While Felix mobile has had its own ‘refer a friend’ initiative for a while, it’s now making this offer even more generous, with some big incentives to encourage existing Felix customers to refer friends to sign up to the telco.

To celebrate six months since Felix launched its mobile plan in Australia, this new refer a friend offer can get existing customers up to 12 months of their plan fees for free, but this is a limited time offer only available until June 22, 2021.

How to refer a friend with Felix

Taking advantage of this offer is pretty simple — switch to Felix if you’re not an existing customer (sign up via the Felix app). Then, once you’ve signed up and have your SIM, go to the ‘Grow your Felix wallet’ section in the Felix app, and share your unique referral code with up to 12 friends. For each of your friends that sign up, you’ll get one month free, with up to 12 months for 12 successful referrals on offer. After those 12 sign ups, any other friends that sign up with your referral code will revert to the standard $5 bill credit referral discount already available from Felix.

Felix mobile offers one $35 plan on a subscription basis, kind of like a prepaid phone plan, and you sign up via the Felix app. For that $35 per month, you’ll get unlimited standard national calls and SMS, plus unlimited data at the capped speed of 20Mbps. This capped speed is typically fast enough for HD video streaming, music streaming, plus general web and social media usage, however downloading large files may be slow.

The following table shows the Felix Mobile plan as published on Canstar Blue’s database. Use our phone plan comparison tool to see a wide range of plans from other providers. This is a product from a referral partner.

Other refer a friend offers

Discounts and other incentives for referring friends is a common practice for many of your household bills, not just your phone plan or home internet plan. These initiatives can typically offer some great savings on your monthly bill if you refer a friend and they sign up to the same provider from your referral.

Phone plan provider Vaya has had a long-running refer a friend program, where you can score $15 off your plan fees if you refer a friend and they sign up. Vaya’s parent company Amaysim has also in the past offered a refer a friend deal, however this is currently unavailable. Circles.Life is another telco with discounts, offering $38 bill credit if you refer a friend to its straightforward phone plans, while Aussie Broadband also offers a refer a friend program, with discounts on your internet bill up for grabs. Mate also offers discounts with its ‘refer a mate’ offer for both internet and mobile customers, with a $50 bill credit for internet and $25 bill credit for mobile phone plan.

If you’re happy with your phone or internet service and know someone looking to make a switch to another provider, it’s worth looking into whether your current telco offers any kind of discount or offer if you refer a friend. Some providers might even offer discounts to your friend who is signing up, so it’s always worth checking to see if there’s anything on available from your phone or internet provider. After all, who doesn’t like a discount on their bills?

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