Hive Mobile launches cheapest unlimited plan with 1GB data


Hive Mobile is no longer operating. New customers are directed to sign up to Moose Mobile, which also operates on the Optus Network. Use our comparison tool to compare a range of postpaid phone plans. 


Ready to ditch your big-name telco and find a cheaper plan elsewhere? If you’re tired of lock-in contracts, have your own phone ready to go, and want great coverage at an affordable price, new provider Hive Mobile is launching in Australia – and looking to create a buzz.

Its big selling point is its $9.80 offer, which at launch is the cheapest standard price you are likely to find for unlimited local talk & text with 1GB of data. The telco has also committed to reducing the cost of the plan should any rival undercut it on standard price.

Hive Mobile offers all of the benefits you would expect from a low-cost MVNO. All plans are contract-free and SIM-only, so you can bring your own device. You’re also free to bring your own phone number to Hive Mobile, and all customers are provided with a 3-in-1 standard, micro, and Nano SIM card, free from setup costs.

All coverage is provided by the Optus 4G and 3G networks, including the fast 4G Plus network – potentially making Hive Mobile a great option for current Optus customers who are happy with their coverage, but are looking to cut down on their monthly plan costs.

If your priority is an affordable plan with no restrictions on national talk and messaging, great data inclusions, and no unnecessary extras, Hive Mobile could be the telco for you.

Hive Mobile Plans & Prices

All of Hive Mobile’s SIM-only plans feature unlimited standard national calls and texts, with prices based on the included monthly data. The cheapest plan is currently priced at $9.80 per month, and includes 1GB of high-speed data; however, if you’re looking for a big data allowance, you won’t be disappointed.

The MVNO’s highest tier plan comes with a generous 90GB of data each month (3G only), with a monthly price of $73.80. Customers wanting something more mid-range can also choose from an additional three Hive Mobile plans: all available options are listed below.

With the launch of its $9.80 offer, Hive Mobile currently has the cheapest monthly standard unlimited plan with 1GB data in Australia (not including short-term promotions, offers and deals).

Hive Mobile Pros, Cons & Extras

If avoiding data overages is important to you, you’ll appreciate Hive Mobile’s data usage tools, including an online meter than can be accessed any time from your phone or browser. For customers who do exceed their plan’s data allowance, overages are priced at 1.5c per megabyte (or around $15.35 per extra gigabyte).

If you’re a heavy data user, you can sign up for Hive Mobile’s hefty 90GB plan for just $73.80 each month; however, your use will be restricted to Optus 3G Plus network. This means that, while your data speeds should be more than adequate for everyday use, you won’t have access to the super-fast 4G Plus speeds available on smaller Hive Mobile plans.

All of Hive Mobile’s plans are month-to-month and SIM-only, so you can cancel your service at any time without being forced to pay exit fees. You’re also able to switch between Hive plans each month, but be aware that customers are only able to claim two free plan changes every 12 months. Any additional plan upgrades or downgrades will incur a $20 plan change fee.

How does Hive Mobile compare?

Right now, Hive Mobile is one of a select few low-cost companies offering unlimited talk and text for less than $10 each month. Its closest competitors in this regard include Southern Phone.

In terms of Hive Mobile’s mid-range 10GB plan – currently priced at $28.80 – you can find similar plans from Exetel, Moose Mobile and Jeenee Mobile; however, all of these plans require customers to sign a 12-month contract. If contracts are a deal breaker, SpinTel has a competitive offer to consider.

Finally, if you’re interested in Hive Mobile’s supersized 90GB plan, your closest match comes from Jeenee Mobile. Like Hive Mobile’s 90GB option, Jeenee’s plan is 3G-only, and is offered on a month-to-month basis. If you’re looking for 4G download speeds, Vodafone and Optus both currently offer 80GB plans respectively, on 12-month SIM-only contracts.

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